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Post by dragon-girl »

I was thinking about how the Cullens/Hales disguise the fact that they don't need to eat, and wondered why no one ever noticed that they didn't eat the food they bought. Wouldn't a teacher get concerned that the kids weren't eating? Especially Rosalie and Alice, what with anorexia and everything. Wouldn't someone worry about them?
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Post by thecutiedisease »

Well, the kids look healthy, so I guess the teachers don't assume there are problems with them...
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Post by GrrSjijb »

haha. what with the dark circles and the unnaturally pale skin? well, they're just so enchanting. And the guys are muscular and the girls are toned. Considering the fact that Carlisle, their foster father, is a doctor.. THey're not so concerned. They can use the excuse, "We don't like school lunches. We prefer our loving mother Esme's home cooked meals." XD

Post by Ullii »

Aren't most humans supposedly a little nervous around them anyway? I would imagine that even if a teacher thought one of them was anorexic, they probably wouldn't say anything.
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Post by Audrey »

The teacher's wouldn't say anthing because:

1. Their "foster father" is a doctor
2. they don't look anorexic
3. during luch, teachers never really wathch what students are eating. Pleanty of students don't eat during lunch
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Post by Jillian »

I agree with this. I'm a high school teacher, and I don't know which of my students don't eat lunch.

I also think that because Carlisle is a doctor, people would assume HE would know about his kids. I was anorexic in high school and it took a LONG time for someone to notice because everyone assumed my parents knew... and OBVIOUSLY, I didn't let THEM in on the deal! Eventually, it caught up with me and I bled internally which WAS really hard to hide.

Audrey wrote:The teacher's wouldn't say anthing because:

1. Their "foster father" is a doctor
2. they don't look anorexic
3. during luch, teachers never really wathch what students are eating. Pleanty of students don't eat during lunch
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Post by The Green Queen »

i agree with Ullii and GrrSjijb, you totally stole my answer, lol :D
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Post by Chaos »

I think the staff, even if they did notice and di say something would just notify Carlisle and then he would tell the teachers that he was taking care of it. But most of the staff wouldn't even have the guts to stand up to the Cullens in the first place. And I do agree with Audrey's answer, their "father" is a renowned doctor, they would think he already knew or that h is experience was better than theirs in that area.
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Post by SilentlyScreaming »

They don't look anorexic.
So they probably don't say anything.
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Post by Seika Arai »

The only person who would notice this is Bella because she is the only one who is aware of their presence at all times. And they can eat food if they have to. They just have to throw it up later.
I'm sure there was already a topic on this.
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