Kind of afraid to read New Moon again

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Kind of afraid to read New Moon again

Post by Ullii »

You know, for as many times as I've read Twilight, I've only read New Moon cover to cover once. I just re-read from Visitor through to the end. New Moon broke my heart in a big way. I want to re-read the whole thing, but do I really want to put myself through that kind of misery again? It literally took me weeks to recover after reading it the first time. I didn't feel right for a long time. Now my heart is still crushed for poor Jacob, but otherwise I'm pretty much ok. Maybe I shouldn't do it. Does anyone else feel this way or do you all just read it over and over again?
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Post by twilightlove »

I've read Twilight a few times but have still only read New Moon once I keep meaing to but I can't bring my self to do it but I will haha I love the books to much even though New Moon is sad.
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Post by Luv4Jasper »

I just re-read New Moon and it broke my heart, but I had to do it. :(
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Post by dirty_wings »

Ive read NM cover to cover 2 or 3 times. Any time after that Ive skipped the sad part and just read the beginning and the end. (Till Edward leaves, skip to when Alice comes back). That makes for a far less tragic reading experience.
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Post by laurelbella »

i have read new moon cover to cover several times... the first was excruciating..but as soon as you read it again it kind of sooths the pain a little when he leaves, youi know he is coming back, but with somewhat minimal pain
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Post by jadoretoi »

I've read it cover to cover alot. It does break my heart to read alot of the parts, but i can't skip any of it. I'll take on the heartbreak for such a good book.
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Post by Vampire Princess »

The second time around, you already know what will happen. You know that Edward will return and knowing that, you can enjoy the friendship that Jake gave Bella. It's a lot better the second time around!
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Post by BelleBleu26 »

Lemme share my experience with reading New Moon. I was so devastated reading it the first time, I cried and sobbed and got depressed but was happy with the temporary resolution at the end. After I read it I lent it to my coworker. When I got it back I was soo scared to read it again but wanted to because I figured I had missed parts here and there because of the anxiety I felt towards Edward's absence. And let me tell you, I wasnt half as bad as the first time, meaning, I knew that there was going to be temporary resolution at the end and that Bella & Edward would end up together. I knew what to expect the 2nd time around so I felt better, I didnt cry as much. (hehe) As for Jacob, I know that he will have his happy ending too in the books to come. I love Jacob and he deserves to be happy as well.

So I definitely recommend you reading it again (and again and again). You pick up/notice things that you didnt the 1st timea round. Ive read it countless times after that, and it gets progressively better!
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Post by xxElekaNamenxx »

ive had no problem reading it front to back mre than once. the only things i tend to skip are the parts i find a little dull (theres only like..1). im rereading it right now actually, haha. i think if you go back and reread twilight then go straight to new moon, then its a little less intimidating.
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Post by jesseh »

I was like that, too. It's easier to read it through the second and third times. The first time, it depressed me and I hated a lot of the characters and I got into an arguement with a friend of mine about how I couldn't read it even though I wanted to read it but I couldn't because then I'd cry and we were in First Block at school and yadda yadda.

But it's easier the second time. Even more the third time. You know when Edward's coming back and such, so you can just sit back and enjoy the other characters (i.e. Jacob) more. I didn't like Jacob until the second time I read New Moon. I just read it a third time and now I love him. :o
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