Jacob Black-more or less appealing/interesting?

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Has your opinion of Jacob changed since reading Eclipse?

Total votes: 306

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Post by jadoretoi »

This is making me way more impatient for Eclipse to come out.

Oh, the thoughts running through my head at what could happen. I hope nothing bad does, i love Jacob.
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Post by cami1219 »

jadoretoi wrote:This is making me way more impatient for Eclipse to come out.

Oh, the thoughts running through my head at what could happen. I hope nothing bad does, i love Jacob.

me too...jacob is awesome! he deserves the best.
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Post by jesseh »

firefly wrote:
jesseh wrote:Sure, over time he grew and became a main character. But if he wasn't intended to have any real place in the story (other than to tell Edward's secret to Bella), why would he eventually take Edward's place? That just makes no sense to me.

Well, Spike was originally supposed to be a one-shot deal, and look what happened there :wink: . Sometimes these things have a mind of their own.

That's very true. And worries me even more. xP Haha.

But like I said, I'm going to choose to remain pigheaded and refuse to believe Jacob and Bella will ever be anything more than friends. :D
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Re: “We will see if people can still hate Jacob after Ecli

Post by Alice Cullens »

Ullii wrote:Direct quote from the Q&A from Stephenie's speaking engagement at BYU.

Ooh does this mean Jacob's going to do something heroic in Eclipse? Sounds that way. I love Jacob; he's my hero already. I hope he doesn't do something like sacrifice himself to save Bella and then die. :(

I personaly like Jacob, alot more in Twilight than in New Moon. In New Moon I really wanted to strangle him when he got her in trouble with the modercycle (sp). I wanted to cry!
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Post by Chaos »

jesseh wrote:But like I said, I'm going to choose to remain pigheaded and refuse to believe Jacob and Bella will ever be anything more than friends. :D

Long live the Stubborness!!!!

Though there are some people who want Jacob and Bella to be together, and there are alot of people who like Jacob. Which I supose I can understand because he is a nice guy but he did somet things that were rash and made me sit in my bed the first time I read New Moon and go "Jacob... you idiot." Of course, Edward has his moments also I won't deny that.

I will say this in Jacib's defence and also in my slight hatred for him: I thought Jacob was a sweetheart until he gave the motorcycles to Charlie, despite his ulterior motive maybe to keep her from seeing Edward, whatever. That just made me want to kick him in the shins like a six year old on the playground.
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Post by ColdOne »

Ah! I really hope nothing happens to Jacob!

I really love him. I didn't like him too much after the first time I read it, but when I read it for the second time... Jacob was so much sweeter that I gave him credit for the first time round. Yes, he was a jerk at the end with the way he treated Bella, but he thought it was for the best... added ontop of the fact that he has so many problems that he has to deal with.

He cares for Bella and he's a good kid.

Jacob is an interesting character, he's grown from what we saw of him in Twilight. I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be devestated if something bad happened to Jake.

I do not however, see Jacob and Bella as anything more than friends.
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Post by madeleine55 »

Jacob better not die. If he does, I'll rip those pages out of the book & pretend it didn't happen.
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Post by Alphian »

Hopefully he won't do anything heroic. I predict he will do something to save Bella and then he'll die. Ugh!!! That would be heartbreaking. I hope I'm wrong. I love Jacob so much and I never ever hated him. He was always there for Bella when she needed him most. I hope he'll get his happy ending like Stephenie quoted (I think) but not with Bella though. Bella is way too in love with my Edward. She only wants that friendship from Jacob and thats it and nothing else.
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Post by Bridgesofstone »

No being mean and killing off Jacob!!!!!!!!!

The poor guy seems to get the worst of every deal in this story! Cut the boy some slack, and get him a girl of his own (or a boy. :wink: HEHEHE)
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Post by Ullii »

I really like the idea a few people posted about Jacob saving Edward for Bella's sake. I could see that happening. Then Edward and Bella would still be together, Jacob wouldn't die, and even the Jacob haters would have to appreciate him. Yes, that's definitely my new favorite theory!
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