Jacob Black-more or less appealing/interesting?

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Has your opinion of Jacob changed since reading Eclipse?

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Post by Luv4Jasper »

Should I be happy.....or should I start paniking.
I'm seriously starting to hyperventelate right now. Oh god no. If he dies......no. He can't die. I couldn't live with him dead. I think I'm about to cry.
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Re: “We will see if people can still hate Jacob after Ecli

Post by thecutiedisease »

Audrey wrote:
Ullii wrote:Direct quote from the Q&A from Stephenie's speaking engagement at BYU.

Ooh does this mean Jacob's going to do something heroic in Eclipse? Sounds that way. I love Jacob; he's my hero already. I hope he doesn't do something like sacrifice himself to save Bella and then die. :(

What?? DIE?!

I really like Jacob. I hope he doesn't do anything well, rash. He's such a self-sacrificing person, I just hope he doesn't overdo it.

Yes, if he dies I will be very upset. I LOVE Jacob already. He can't die....x_x
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Post by xmutedx »

Hopefully he won't die?

Maybe he'll just do something pacifying/heroic and leave Edward to be with Bella? Hopefully.

Well...if he dies, I'm sure he won't die pointlessly, at the least... :?

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Post by Mayde »

No, Jacob cannot die! I love Jacob, and will always love Jacob, and I hope nothing bad happens to him. Hopefully the heroic deed is him fighting off a bunch of the Volutri and getting injured badly (but still alive) while trying to protect Bella. Actually, I don't care what heroic deed he does. Just stay alive!

But Kissa01, you are right. Ms. Meyer loves Jacob and likes happy endings too. So I have hope and faith that everything will turn out alright.
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Post by ECABS »

why don't we all just post the single thing that Jacob could do to make us love him, or love him more than we already do...

For me:

If he continued to be friends with Bella even though he thought it was impossible. In the process he realizes that Bella really loves Edward and the only way she'll be able to be happy and stay with Edward is if she changes into a vampire. So he fights with his pack to not attack her new family even though they have broken the treaty.

sorry one more:

The volturi are back and about to kill Edward, until Jacob comes to the rescue!!! now he could let Edward die, then he would have bella all to himself, and another vampire dies - 2 plusses for him, but because he truly loves Bella he fights with Edward. He knows how devasted she would be if anything happened to him - so he puts his life on the line to save Edward...
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Post by 3dw4rd4ndb3ll4 »

It's not that I hate him, I just don't find him that...interesting. He still sort of feels like a side character. It's really hard for me to sympathize with him because Twilight was all about Edward and Bella basically, then Edward's gone and New Moon is about Jacob and Bella, but Jacob's just putting down Edward the entire time and not hearing Bella out. I know the werewolves were born to do that, but Jacob was being made out to be an open-minded person before he became a werewolf. I guess he just mostly annoyed me.

But I AM biased. I've always loved vampires.

I don't want him to die, but that would make for a good twist. We aren't really expecting Stephenie to kill him off, so it would be even more devestating if she did.

But then again, that my cause some Jacob-fans to stop reading. Hmm...yeah, she probably wouldn't kill him off. But it would be interesting if she did. >.> I PERSONALLY grow tired of happy endings, but I still would enjoy one in terms of Twilight. There really aren't any characters I would want to die.
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Post by cami1219 »

oh, gosh!!! I REALLY REALLY hope poor jacob has a happy ending. I love him far too much, and he deserves so much. the thing is...he is so caring, so sweet, and so selfless that I can acctually picture himgiving himself up for Bella(or someone elsehe loves) and that makes me really sad :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Post by ForeverTwilight210 »

I know! It really sucks for Jacob....I wish he could have a happy ending too! I can't think of any way though... :(
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Post by Murasaki »

I don't like Jacob to die. I don't love Jacob but it's a good character. However, the most important thing, it's that Edward doesn't die! This would be terrible and I don't want to read Twilight Series more... It's just that it have to be a good end.
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Post by thecutiedisease »



Stephenie hates when people come up to her and express to her their desire to see Jacob Black die. She loves Jacob Black (and all her other werewolves) very much'"he's practically a son to her'"not to mention the fact that he is a great guy! So don't say things like that to Stephenie!

Ha! I don't think we have to do too much worrying!
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