Jacob Black-more or less appealing/interesting?

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Has your opinion of Jacob changed since reading Eclipse?

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Post by cullen_boys_are_fine »

Anna Matronic wrote:Yes, it would be sad for anyone to die, but Stephenie Meyer has kind of trapped herself in a twisted love triangle. I had a whole conversation about this with my friends. Either death, or Edward and Bella will go to the clan in Denali. I think running away to Alaska sounds more realistic than someone dying, myself.
I get what you are saying, but I think that with Jacob now in the picture, and the treaty on the verge of breaking, they can't just run off. It would be leaving too much of the book open, and unexplained. There are so many paths Stephenie can choose to take with this third book that that they have to be closed before Edward and Bella can make a run for it. Though I hope and wish someone doesn't die, I do think that Bella, Edward and Jacob are going to have some battles ahead of them that can't be ignored. Bella has to talk to Jacob, and work things out with him. The cullens have to deal with the treaty ploblem. And even then, the Volturi cold come back at any moment.

In short, I think that a death (if there has to be) is more realistic. The open ends of the book have to be tied off. So inevitably, if there is going to be a death, I think it will be in this book. I hope this makes sense....I'm kind of scatter-brained right now.
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Post by irunwithvampires »

I'm also really curious to what Stephenie meant when she said this. What will Jacob do in Eclipse? I agree, it's some heroic act, and he might save Bella from something.

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Post by Anna Matronic »

Maybe Jacob is going to sacrafice his life, so Edward and Bella can be together. He will decide that Edward loves Bella more, and that he doesn't want to ruin that, becuase he has seen how important Edward is to Bella in New Moon. He knows that it will tear Bella up if Edward dies, and even then, would she go back to Jacob if Edward died?

I think I agree with the whole thing with the loose ends and whatnot. Bella needs to settle a few things before she should even consider becoming "one of the eternally dammed."
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Post by Heart Song »

At this point I wonder why Jacob has to do more. Edward certainly hasn't had to do a whole lot to get our admiration. All he's really had to do was be absolutly stunning, have a velvety voice, be a vampire and oh yeah, abandon Bella. We have poor Jacob working so hard and people still hate him and he's good looking too. Maybe it's the wet dog smell? lol
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Post by LucasVianelca »

What bothers me about this quote is that I had liked Jacob previously to Eclipse, buth after reading it I don't. In Twilight, Jacob didn't have much of a part, but he was still likeable in that cute, little brotherish sort of way. Then, in New Moon, he stayed with Bella even though she was so needy and didn't deserve him, then suffered through his curse as a werewolf. I thought it was noble how he tried to protect her and how he quasi-betrayed the pack for her, but then she just threw everything back in his face (I get it, she loves Edward, but still, it bothers me how casually she has treated her normal life). In Eclipse, though, Jacob's character takes a huge nosedive: he is pushy, mean, nasty, manipluative, and uses extremely dirty and degrading tactics to make Bella admit her feelings for him. At the end, I did feel sorry for him, but I'm not sure if I can ever like him the way I did previously. I'm beginning to think that Bella brings out the worse in the people she "loves."
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Post by Klutzy_albino »

Eclipse sort of had a mixed effect on me. While I was reading it, I liked Jacob pretty much the same amount, through out the majority of the book, the exceptions were his "Mr. Hyde" moments....and when he and Bella kissed. I was very confused at first, almost angry with jake, and although I am not now, I still wouldn't say that Eclipse made me like jacob more...But I don't, and never did hate him...
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Post by Bloodlust »

The irony of this thread! I came closer to hating Jacob in Eclipse than ever before(besides the first time through New Moon). I still don't hate him, but Eclipse was definitely a direct cause for my stoppage of Jacob love. I still like Jake and boy do I wish him well :shock: , but no longer do I love Jake.

*sighs at the sadness of the whole situation* :(
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Post by ~twilight_princess~ »

In Eclipse, I began to hate Jacob Black more, because he went to evil measures to get Bella to kiss him. But I do pity him. sort of. Edward's better.

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Post by irunwithvampires »

It's odd. I wonder why Stephenie thought that people would love Jake more after reading Eclipse...don't get me wrong, I love him a lot. But it seemed to bring on a whole new thing of hate for him, and I understand people's reasons for them.

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Post by *waiting for my edward* »

i kind of started to like him a lil bit, but not that much. he's still the arrogant person that he was in NM.

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