What was your favorite chapter in New Moon?

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mrs.edward cullen
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The Funeral

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I have to agree that Vote was awesome, but I really like The Funeral because i feel that's when the climax started and it gave me hope that Edward might come back into Bella's live.
mrs.edward cullen

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Post by Epiphany »

The truth definitly because thats when Edward tells Bella just exactly what she means to him...and it just makes me swoon<3
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Post by TheLisser »

Easily 'Vote' AND 'Voltera' . Their both my favourites, I don't really think there's any explaining necessary for my reasoning :wink: .
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Post by .w.a.y.t.o.d.a.w.n. »

I think it's Volterra, or the chapter after it, where they first introduce the Vultori! That was definately a awesome chapter. Also, I loved the chapter where they went to the movies and mike ended up puking, becuase it was our last taste of the Jacob we all loved.
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Post by amoredward »

Oh Gosh. Okay, it may seem like I'm cheating on this one, but I can't choose just one chatper...

Stitches, because Carlisle is just so amazing *drool*

Paris, because it was just oh so good. This chapter has my favorite line of the whole book in it, too, so that helps. (Line: "Be happy." *tear*)

Volterra, Verdict and Flight are all up there, just because the V=Volturi fascinate me. *shivers* Jane...so scary... (And also, because the reunion in Volterra :wink: )

Truth, because...well, this one doesn't need an explanation. It just is!

But, I think that of the whole book, the Epilogue may be my favorite. I love love love both Edward and Jacob, so seeing them together was just so so great!


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Post by DaNiCa37 »

My favorite chapter in New Moon would be the "Vote" mainly because Edward first proposed there and they decided that she would become a vampire.

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Post by eternalheartz »

Though I agree with the majority of you for the chapters 'Vote' and 'Volterra', I have to say my favorite chapter is 'The End'. This chapter has the most emotion, and was a turning point for the whole series. It makes me cry every single time I read it. And that's exactly what a book is supposed to do. Cause emotion :)
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The End, Chapter 3, is the most amazing thing I've ever read - the last few pages when he says goodbye, the last four specifically (the months pages), and the first paragraph of chapter 4.

Nothing has ever made me feel so emotional, so dead, so in awe. It was the most incredible thing. Ever. I've reread and reread that part over and over, and I don't even own the book. Can't figure out how I've reread it so many times if I don't own it. Whatever.

Poor Bella :(
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Post by zerolover34 »

Volterra is mine becausa bella goes and runs trought the fountian and gets reunighted with edward let me know if it's the wrong chpater my school doesn't have the book i'm in study hall right now hee hee


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Post by pinkpurple07 »

Wow, I can't believe so many people aren't mentioning The Truth.

My favorite was definitely The Truth. (Ch. 23)
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