Is there ANYONE who doesn't love edward? (excluding males)

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Do you like Edward Cullen?

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Is there ANYONE who doesn't love edward? (excluding males)

Post by Edwardisthehottestthing »

I love him? My friends love him? who doesn't love him?? :?: :?
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Post by ashurie »

I like him but I must admit that there are times that make me greatly dislike him. IE, the beginning of New Moon. I mean, as a character, Edward is great, but even he has his flaws. Of course, I still adore him. ^____^

Post by edwardluver131 »

I love him. My friends love him. Even this guy in my English class loves him! Sure he has his flaws, but that makes him so much SEXIER, and without them, he would be boring. Besides, in the beginning of New Moon, he only left because he wanted to protect Bella, and he wouldn't have if there had been another option.

Post by Murasaki »

I love so much this character. How cannot I love him? It's impossible for me not loving a character like him. He is so sweet and confident. It's the kind of boy that doesn't exist. Well, he exists in dreams :cry:
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Post by So Ostentatious »

Edward is written to be loved, so naturally most do, but he is a little creepy if you think about it.
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Post by freckles173 »

creepy? .. never thought of it that way, maybe as how he has his obsession over bella type thing, like when he followed her to los angeles(spellingerror)lol, and how he kind of tends to get jealous easily, like over mike newton. doesnt that hole thing seem sweet in a way?
BUT i love edward either way
who wouldnt love to have a vampire stalking them : ) espicially if that vampire is edward. *sigghh*
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Post by mcfly_42 »

Edward is one of those If you saw him you would melt kind of guys. he's appealing in sooooo many ways. not jsut looks but personality, and how he can love bella so much. I mean he could just tear her to shreds and feed himself but he lets her live because they love each other. I jsut think iot toally sweet.

Though he could be one of those people who you just hate. he's good looking, intelligent, good at everything, has a great personallity, strong, has a wonderful family and is generally all round great. Which is why bella is so lucky to be part of that now.

If only Edward were real. lol
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Post by I've Been Dazzled »

Who doesn't love Edward. All of the creepy things he does just shows how much he loves Bella. Like many others have said, if he didn't have flaws, he wouldn't be the Edward everyone loves and would be completely boring. I have heard quite a few people say they hate Jake(which I don't get, Jakes a nice friend to Bella) but I have never heard one person say they hated Edward. I guess if there was someone who hated Edward, they probably would keep it a secret to avoid a mob. :D

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Post by cami1219 »

I'm a little shocked that some people voted no :shock: ...

well, I geuss everyone has their own opinions but personally, I LOOOVE Edward with all my heart! I love his flaws as well as his qualities. Bella is a lucky girl! and I think it's so sweet of Edward to deny himself human blood just for sake of being good even though he believes his soul is damned...that gives him major points, in my opinion. I know he can be stubborn, but he is such a sweetheart and he tries so hard! I love him.
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Post by Scarlet »

I absolutely adore Edward. He is such a great person. His flaws keep him from being too perfect. As a respnse to the creepy part, if it were anyone else I would get a restraining order but since it's Edward you pretty much know you're safe.
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