What If Twilight Lost It's Human Edge

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Will Twilight Loose It's Human Edge If Bella Is Changed Into A Vampire

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Post by Miss_Cullen »

I dont think so.. we've had three books of her being human i want the fourth book to atleast be half about her new life :]
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Post by TheTwilightHour »

I don't think it will lose the human element because I'm sure the books will show the characters relating to humans as they try to fit into the "normal" world.
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Post by belle_flanders »

Even if Bella would be changed, she'd be with the Cullens and they are the most "human vampires" (if you know what I mean) in world!
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Post by hannahcullen »

i think that no matter what happens there wil be action and suspense, if bella gets changed, everthing is probably not going to be perfect...and of course edward will still love bella, the two of them have talked about it in the series before..he doesnt just love her blood, that may have been how it started out but now it is completly different. they are in love. that isnt going to change anytime soon!! (hopefully!)
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Post by ReneeMonty »

I think the human edge will be always there. :D If Bella is changed she is going to try to find her 'human side' again. Also al the cullens seem so... well normal to me. In a way i see them as humans to, if you know what i mean. :wink:
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Post by Danielle.Cullen »

I think that when/if Bella gets changed, Stephenie will find a way to keep the human edge of the story, don't you think??
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Post by cullen_9 »

Not necessarily. If she becomes a vampire, it doesn't mean the book would loose its spark. The biggest part of the of these books is just the true love between Bella and Edward, human or non-human, they'll still share the same feelings of love towards one another and others.
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Post by Edwarded »

I don't think so, because the books shows that you can be, physically, not human, but your spirit will always work in a human way, maybe with less emotion, but all the vampires are humans in the way that they share the same feelings.
Actually, I'm pretty sure that Bella will still be the same, just a bit stronger and a bit less clumsy ^^
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Post by Diamonds »

ReneeMonty wrote:I think the human edge will be always there. :D If Bella is changed she is going to try to find her 'human side' again. Also al the cullens seem so... well normal to me. In a way i see them as humans to, if you know what i mean. :wink:
definately. i think that a large part of the 'human' or relatable edge to the book are the cullens - because they show such compassion and determination to be 'normal'. Everything has been established through Bella's human eyes yes, but when she changes, the readers won't suddenly loose the 1500+ pages of human empathy and vision that SM has been building up in the last 3 books.

the soul behind the book is good and human, and i don't think that 100% relies on bella to be conveyed.. we see it in every character and each situation reflects it.
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Re: What If Twilight Lost It's Human Edge

Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

callistoreye wrote:And another point, Edward is drawn to Bella because her blood sings to him so if she becomes a vampire and no longer has blood flowing through her wouldn't that mean that Edward would no longer want her
Edward noticed Bella for a few reasons, but he loves her because of who she is. Because of her mind, the bloodlust made it harder for him to love her because he was always afraid that he or his world might hurt her [New Moon].

So just because she doesnt have blood running through her veins doesnt mean he wont love her.

Vampires have scents too, like they can smell each other, so theoretically, she could smell even better as a vampire because everything is enhanced.
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