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Post by Onlyhuman1 »

is Aro pronounced Ah-ro or 'arrow'? i get so confused. :?
Caius- Kay-us, keye-us, or say-us?
carlisle i know is Car-lyle.
Rosalie is rosa-lee

if it helps any!

Hey, is Laurent Lor-ent or Laur-ant. i was told to say it laur-ant, but someone told me it was Lor-ent and i really want to prove them wrong! :D
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Post by hannahcullen »

thanks! i always pronounced Quileute wrong!! i think rosalie is rosa-lEE
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Post by Flamethrower »

I skipped through reading 12 pages of this topic, but I'm quite pleased. I've always been pronouncing Carlisle's name [car-lEESE] and Aro's name [AH-roe], but that probably comes from years of Canadian French classes. I'm picking up the accent, but still barely any vocabulary.

Carlyle works. And I know someone named Esme, as in [ez-may].

In the freaky French accent, Laurent is 'lawh-rhawane', but most people I know just use 'Laurent' as in Lauren with a T. La tua cantante is simply 'LA TOOah cohTAWNt. I'm quite sure of that one.

Stephenie's post in the earlier pages startled me. xD
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Post by Aerowyn »

I can't believe so many people mispronounce Carlisle...but then again, it's my last name, so...

I hate pronouncing Quileute and Caius, those are the worst. And for the longest time I read Esme as if it weren't French and without enough emphasis on the last 'e'.

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Post by German_Twilight_Fan »

Hi! I'm german either and like much of you I had problems in pronouncing "Carlisle". Aber a little time I asked my english teacher at school^^

I pronounce "Aro" and "Esme" in the german way, so a bit different like you^^
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Post by meyer_addict13 »

[quote="lil_voice1"]what about names in books??? how do pronounce carlisle and quileute and names like that becasue im not sure becasue im not american and have never heard of those names before twilight!!! can anyone help?????[/quote]

You probably already know this because of the movie coming out in december (yay! :D ) but carlisle is pronounced car-lie-le.
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Post by Mirte »

So, I went through 12 pages and I think these are our conclusions:

One of the most discussed names. In the audiobooks Aro is pronounced as 'Arrow'. However, since Aro is from Italy, it is very likely his name is actually pronounced as 'Are-oh' ('are' like 'you are').

The 'C' is rarely (as far as I know) pronounced as an 'S' in Italian. The correct pronunciation is 'KEYE-us' ('eye' as in the word 'eye')

Stephenie said it on page one: CAR-lyle. You can hear it being pronounced here. There's a nice, soft 'l' at the end.


Very tricky one. According to Stephenie:
'EZ - may/mee, right in the middle of the two sounds'.
Esme is pronounced like this, in the audiobooks.

Dèh-bu-SEE (the 'e' in 'deh' is very short/dead/silent)

La Tua Cantante
Lah Too-ah Cahn-tahn-tay

Leah -
Two possibilities:
- Lee-uh - hear it here and here.
- Lay-uh

Not just Lauren with a 't'.
Lor-ahnt, with a very clear 't' at the end.

Not May-er, but MY-er.

Palazzo dei Priori
Pah-lah-tsoh Day Pree-oh-ree

Again, Stephenie told us on page one:
QUIL - yute. Quil is pronounced as 'kill'.

Reh-nay (the 'e' in 'Re' like 'resignation', not like 'reaction').

Much discussed, final conclusion is that Rosalie is pronounced as Roh-sah-LEE, not Ros-A-lee or Roh-sah-lie.

Vol-tu-ree. 'Vol' like 'volume'.

Vol-teh-ra. Again, 'vol' like 'volume'.

Hope that helped!
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Post by abstractaction »

Luna.Starr wrote:I kept on calling Carlisle "Carousel" - the ride with the wooden horses and stuff - forever until my mom corrected me.

Sometimes I still call him "Carousel." :(
LOL Awww, good old Carousel. :mrgreen:
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Post by catgondi »

Aerowyn wrote:I can't believe so many people mispronounce Carlisle...but then again, it's my last name, so...

I hate pronouncing Quileute and Caius, those are the worst. And for the longest time I read Esme as if it weren't French and without enough emphasis on the last 'e'.

:) I totally mispronounced that for the longest time,I've never heard of the name Carlisle before :oops:

I love say Caius I drag it out too like "Caiiius." because I read the books aloud as if acting and thats how I have Aro say it.Only when I say it as Aro I add a tiny (!) at the end of it.

I had the hardest time mentally pronouncing Quileute,I had it right the whole time but mentally I was pretty confused.
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Post by edwards*silly*bella »

Rosalie is pronounced Rosa-lee, not Rosa-lie.

Is Leah pronounced Lay-a or Lee?
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