What if it all ends by Edward actually dieing?

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Post by Banana*Bear »

I would cry end of story. Oh and then I would die. I know my BFF would lol. She's in love with him...who isnt'
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Post by migamoo »

Unless I'm wrong, Stephenie said in Twilight Q&A Bella and Edward "aren't going anywhere". So, no, I don't think Edward dies.

If he did die, however, I would be reduced to nothing but a puddle of tears. It would take weeks for me to recover.
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Post by Jenniferiffic »

migamoo wrote:Unless I'm wrong, Stephenie said in Twilight Q&A Bella and Edward "aren't going anywhere".
That's a very good point, and it certainly settles my mind on the issue. Thanks!
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Post by alice_fan »

I actually kind of laughed when I saw this thread...If Edward died my first reaction would of course to cry my eyes out, and then I would laugh my head off, because, what kind of an ending would that be? An awful one. I would seriously laugh at Stephenie if she did that, which she of course, she never ever would. :wink:
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Post by Abigail »

I honestly don't see it happening. I can't say what Stephenie will or will not do, but I can say that it doesn't make sense.

For one, about a million girls would hate her...
For two, she said that Eclipse would wrap up the loose ends and tie them into a beautiful bow. She said nothing about burning vampires.
For three, come on. This is Stephenie Meyer, not Hitler. I don't think we have anything to worry about. ;)

P.S. You read my mind, alice_fan. :)
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Post by SPARKLES »

Jenniferiffic wrote:
migamoo wrote:Unless I'm wrong, Stephenie said in Twilight Q&A Bella and Edward "aren't going anywhere".
That's a very good point, and it certainly settles my mind on the issue. Thanks!
Yep, it settles the issue for me too...THANKS! :D
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Post by virginiax7 »

This would be very very bad. Extremely bad. What would Bella do? What would WE do? I mean, that would hard to explain, you know, if you're crying all over the place and people are asking you whats wrong and you say that someone has died, and everyone goes "Oh who?" and you go "Um...a fictional..character?" Only fellow Edward lovers would understand.
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Post by MaryAliceCullen07 »

OMG! If that happened then i would certainly place the book gently down and cry...then throw a tantrum and chuck the book far away...then i would comment Stephanie Meyer and tell her that i am not impressed with what she did and tell her to take the books back and write a better version of it! Then, if she doesn't, i will start to protest and (knowing many Edward fans out there) rebel until she gives us a good reason why she killed him...

I almost did that with the last Harry Potter book when J.K.Rowling killed off Fred Weasly, Tonks, AND Hedwig, my fav male, female, and animal characters!

But, knowing Stephanie Meyer, she'll see that if she killed her BEST male main character, a lot of Edward Fans would start to protest and go complete psycho and start doing what i wrote up there...above all, her fans would truly hate her for killing off Edward...

She'll never do that, she can't do that!


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Post by bananas_4_edward »

Actually, I would be like that dorky kid in Sky High...who could melt y'know? But...don;t think I would be doing much un-melting if that happened...
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Post by Bells45 »

NO! Edward can't die! That'd...that'd be DEVASTATING! It'd take me weeks to recover.
But I'm pretty sure it won't happen, pretty sure.
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