What if it all ends by Edward actually dieing?

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Post by <33twilight+edward< »

omgsh!! if edward died, i'd go into a bella-like zombie state for a month or until someone told me he got resurected...

or i would research necromancy just to work out how to bring him back!!
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Post by mrs. cullen »

I was actuall wondering about this today myself.
but i personally don't think Stephenie would do that to us.
Much less to Bella.
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Post by rockon082 »

I don't think she would go to that extreme. I mean yeah, she did have Edward leave in New Moon but still...it still ended happy. He came back. Both her books have a happy ending so the whole series would to.
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Post by <33twilight+edward< »

i'm hoping for a happy ending...with edward alive...
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Post by i.heart.B.n.E. »

aww tht is the saddest thing evz. tear.
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Post by ethereal_eternity »

firefly wrote:
edwardfan2007 wrote:You would hear on the news everywhere were people are jumping off cliffs.

I can just see it now...

('though, lemming jumping off cliffs is a myth, apparently.)

ROFL. *dies laughing* we would make the poem "lemmings" become reality lol.

i highly doubt stephenie would kill off edward though. not because she or we all love him so much, since she says she doesn't really have control over what her characters do, but because it would change the entire tone and goals of the original story. it would be much too anticlimatic and melodramatic to have bella kill herself if edward died, so then if she were to try and move on, it would become another type of story completely.

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Post by emilyinforks »

If Edward dies.

I die.

just kidding! but seriously i'll be depressed for weeks :(
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Post by bbbailey »

oh geez...im not even sure how i would react...i would probably go into denial...or maybe i would scratch out the part in the book where he dies (gosh i dont even want to type it!) and write in my own acceptable version ...or maybe i would search through the book day and night looking for when Stephenie wrote, "Just kidding!!"
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Post by katylynnlee »

No, That can't happen. Good way to make us all cry! lol Not this topic but the fact that Edward would be dead. In New Moon when Edward was going to kill himself I bawled forever.

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Post by Muse »

Wow... I never thought of it that way... If he pulled a Romeo, she would probably pull a Juliet. But she would probably force Carlisle to change her into a vampire first, to make sure they were going to the same place. Or something.

Jeez, now I'm going to be worried about it the entire day... :shock:

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