What if it all ends by Edward actually dieing?

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i was thinking what if Bella goes in to a coma or something when edward tries to change her? ok this whole idea came from a show Moonlight (which is about vampires) but any who the guy was in love with someone just like edward and bella and the girld was in love with him too and found out who he was... a vampire and didnt care.. like bella.. and she really wanted to be a vampire but he didnt want to change her but gave in.. he did all the right things but she went in to a coma for some reason.... i was thinking what if that happend to bella and how would edward react?? it scared me and it made me cry soo much.. i hope that doesnt happen eaither
(i hope this is in the right plcae!)
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Everyone though that Harry would die at the end, but he didn't. Neither will Edward.
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Total sad face

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Edward is her baby. I have way too much faith that she will never stun us all in that way. And in response to other people's reactions to NM, I too was depressed. I found myself flipping through the pages while skimming for the appearance of the word EDWARD. That was all I wanted.. to know that he would be in her life at least one last time. I don't want to think about ever having that feeling again. It would be like flipping through the air to find his name. Wow, way too depressing for a Friday morning.
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What the heck kind of a sick thread is this??
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....If that's what happens...I will burn the damn book. and then I will realize how stupid that is too and go get it out of the fire. None the less I will be infuriated.
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I would literally DROP DEAD. Like a lemur! (Don't know where that came from!) But first I would cry my eyes out! THEN I would drop dead!
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I would have to agree with a lot of the others in this thread, Stephanie is not that masochistic!!! I honestly can't even conceive of the possibiliy that after all that Bella and Edward have been through it would end that way. I don't know that it would be very good for the future series that Stephanie might right either though. Her writing has been so riveting and has literally created obsession for some people, would any of her readers be ok with her allowing Edward to die? :cry: I think not.
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i was thinking of this the other day...OMG yeaaah but look at SM's list of fave books...i mean "wuthering heights", "Romeo&Juliette" ohh myy...i bet bella would commit suicide though.... or get herself killed as well. i really dont know what to say on the matter other then...not all great books have happy endings....

& i would probably cry if edward got a splinter let alone died!!!
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i think i just died. did you guys actually even consider or imagine or picture that actually happening?!?! im disgusted (if dead Edward-lovers can be disgusted) and plead treason!!! ok, so not quite that dramatic, but preeeetty dang close :shock:
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em.dear wrote:i was thinking of this the other day...OMG yeaaah but look at SM's list of fave books...i mean "wuthering heights", "Romeo&Juliette"
Those are her favorite books? :shock: I'm a little scared now.
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