What if it all ends by Edward actually dieing?

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Post by KT »

Honestly, I know this sounds bad, but Edward dying is my dream ending. Now hear me out!

I don't think Bella really wants to be a vampire- she is terrified of it actually. She doesn't want to kill people or thirst for human blood, she just wants to be with Edward forever, and in her mind immortality = forever which makes her think she wants to be a vampire. Personally, I think it would be tragic if Bella were changed. The clumsy, bashful Bella that we all know and love would be gone. She would be a shell of her former self. Would she even love Edward anymore? Would he still love her the same? Also, it's quite obvious she doesn't want to marry Edward- she's just doing it to make him happy which in turn makes her unhappy.

If Bella had chosen to be with Jacob, she could have a life. She wouldn't have to give up her friends and family, her sanity, all her charming human character traits or her humanity as a whole. She could have a bright future, a family of her own, a long life full of actual meaning.

Now I think it's obvious that Bella made her choice in New Moon- she wants to be with Edward. So I don't see how she'll ever get the things she deserves (listed above) and avoid losing the things that make her who she is unless Edward were somehow out of the picture forever... and the only way I see that happening is if he dies.

SO! I know this sounds terrible, but this doesn't necessarily mean it can't be a 'happy ending'- that term is relative. The ending of a story can be bittersweet but still happy. If Edward were to sacrafice himself in order to save his true love, in so doing he would protect her from a tragic fate and give her the opportunity for all the things I mentioned before. She may love Edward more now, but that doesn't mean she can't learn to love someone else again in her life if Edward were gone (She did it in New Moon!). Bella has said it herself- Jacob is her soul mate, her best friend, and despite everything she has going with Edward, she is in love with him. Jacob would make her very happy, and Bella knows this (their interactions at the end of Eclipse told us this much. See the quotes in my sig. for reference).

So that's it, my own personal happy ending; Edward dies heroically to save Bella. Bella is obviously always scared by this experience, but she does learn to love again. In fact she learns to love a man she was already in love with, a man who is her sun, her light, her happiness- her soul mate and best friend Jacob. And thus, she lives 'happily ever after'- as much as anyone can hope to. :)

Now let the bashing begin. :roll:
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Post by Manta »

Ok, this may be a wee bit off topic, but could you imagine if Jacob died to save Edward's life? Or vice versa? The only reason I say Jacob is because I just really don't think Edward's going to die. We've seen the effects on both of them when the other is gone (and if you ask me, stephenie would have to write a whole other book just to heal her wounds) and it is just too tragic. But if Jacob sacrificed himself for Edward? It would be sad, but so sweet at the same time. I think Jacob would get a lot more respect all around if he did that.
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Post by Chelsea08 »

I know what you mean. I have thought about Mrs. Meyer pulling a Shakespeare, and changing this epic love story into a epic tragedy. But could she really do that to us? Especially after the gut wrenching book that was New Moon. Now what would still be tragic but more probable is that something huge happens where Bella, Edward, and Jacob are all in danger and Jacob sacrifices himself to save them.

Then Edward and Bella are still together, but you still get the intense drama of someone dying. Please understand I don't want this to happen...but it is a possibility.
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Post by dorky_spunkster »

:shock: I doubt she would do this as well, she does love Edward too much to pull off something like that.
and if she does..I think I'm going to have to go visit her and sort this problem out..

lol of course this is not true I dont even know where she lives,BUT I WILL cry :cry: ...and be depressed for a long time.just be a total zombie resembling to Bella at first in New Moon
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Post by romantic at heart »

Stephenie likes happy endings, Stephenie likes happy endings, Stephenie likes happy endings...

Honestly, I don't think there's much chance at all of Stephenie killing off Edward. I really don't.
It is just my personal opinion, but I don't think Stephenie will allow Edward to die because she has admitted she is in love with him. I read that somewhere today in one of her descriptions on her website.
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Post by Edward's#1fan »

i would go curl up and die
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Post by Callye Love »

I would be so depressed if Edward or Bella died. I want them to get married, have fun on their wedding night =), and her become a vampire and they be happy! I know some conflict willl happen and someone probably will die but if its bella or edward i would die. It would be horrible. I can handle Jacob dying (I honestly wouldn't care... not trying to be rude! sry if that upset anyone!!) Well, i might be a lil sad about Jacob.

I would also hate it if some of the CUllen family died. I just hope it really is a happy ending like SM says it will be!
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Post by littlenemo_48 »

Honestly...I would feel a little let down. I've been reading this whole series looking forward to Edward and Bella getting married and being happy. It would almost seem like it was all for nothing. At the very least I would be horribly upset.
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Post by Alice_at_Heart »

Depends. If it goes down all "Romeo and Juliet"? I might not have a problem with that. I might actually cry at that, making Breaking Dawn the second book that I've read and cried. It would hack me off later though. I might write a few "fan-rage" letters...

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Post by pshdsy »

if edward dies, a little piece inside of me will die as well.

i mean... not to go totally fangirl, but i will cry for like a week.

in NM, when he left, i cried for about 100 pages (until i was a cheater and looked ahead for his name and dialouge to come back. i didnt read the dialogue, just looked for it). so if he dies in BD, it'll be a hundred time worse.

me, being 16, will go to my mom and crawl into her bed and "let the misery have me" as bella has already said.

not eeeven kidding. thats how attatched i am.
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