Wouldnt people start to be suspicious of the Cullens?

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yeah i think they would start to get suspicious after a while, but like others have said, they could go while they are sleeping. I also think that the main reason the Cullens are still in Forks is because of Bella, and the fact that Edward doesn't want her changed, so they must stay to protect her. Otherwise they would have probly moved by now. Probly to Denali or some other rainy place like Forks.

And as for the hibernation thing, vamps have such good sense of smell, (according to edward its one of the senses he relies on the most) and sight, and they are very quick. They could hunt down any animal easily.
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Well I think that the towns folk are so used tot he Cullens being essentrics that they just simply accept the family's behavior. Also Hunting in the winter? Well Deer don't hibernate. Vampires can also go a while between feedings.

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