Would YOU be able to sleep?

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Would YOU be able to sleep?

Post by PheobeBelle »

I was thinking about the fact that Bella falls asleep with Edward in the room. I don't know about anyone else, but I wouldn't be able to sleep with someone else in the room like that. Even if it was Edward....ESPECIALLY if it was Edward! :D Anyone else feel like that?

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Post by *so_jealous_of_bella* »

Yes!!!!! i would totally not be able to sleep with any guy staring at me... espacially a god like Edward!!!! i would think that i would start drooling or something and would embarrass myself. oh... come to think of it, that sucks for bella that she atlks in her sleep that would suck!
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Post by PheobeBelle »

exactly, after finding out that he was there or he comes in sometimes I would not be able to sleep. I would be too afraid that I'd fart or drool all over or say something wierd. But maybe I'm just too paranoid.

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Post by Viry »

HAHA Yea why would I waste time sleeping? I would at least stare at him all night pinching myself everyonce in a while to make sure I wasn't dreaming!
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Post by Verdande »

I'm able to sleep with someone in the room, but not if they're sitting and staring at me...

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Post by Kissa »

I like to sleep waaay too much to not be able to sleep if I found out he sometimes came in there at night. If he was there when I was going to go to sleep, then maybe I would be too excited. But then again, if he was laying next to me, I would once again be able to fall asleep, and it would probably be the best sleep I'd ever had and would ever have..! Imagine the dreams your subconsious could make up if Edward was laying next to you...! :D

So you see, it all depends on the situation..... :wink:

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Post by Firewind »

I wouldn't be able to sleep, but I'd get really grumpy late at night so he'd probably leave :wink:

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Post by Incantare »

Verdande wrote:I'm able to sleep with someone in the room, but not if they're sitting and staring at me...

:lol: I agree with you there. It would be different if he could sleep to, then I wouldn't have to fall asleep knowing he's watching everything I do. That would just be weird.
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Post by la tua cantante »


i believe that if i were VERY VERY TIRED i d be able to fall asleep if not.. id haave very serious sleep problems

:shock: (me with edward in the room staring)
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Post by katylynnlee »

My best friend has a boyfriend... Cold whiter then snow skin.... piercing blue eyes... perfect vocabulary... And she falls asleep beside him... He stays up and watches her sleep... He says she looks peaceful and he doesn't get to see that in the day. He also said "She looks so dead, like a corpse. Lips oh so purple... skin oh so white... I wish she was dead so she could look like this always... I should kill her..." Don't worry he won't. He reminds me of Edward but a more darker version.

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