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Post by BroadwayAmanda93 »

Crooked_Rose wrote:^LOL! Me and my friends made up this game when we were on a roadtrip that whenever you saw a volvo you had to scream, "Edward" You would get a point if you said it first, and 2 points if it was silver.
haha yeah my good friend and I (who actually got me into the series, thanks!!!) were on a road trip and we started playing this game where her younger sister and her friend would say anything they saw and we'd have to make a Twilight reference out of it. We were pretty good at it if I do say so myself! :)

but yeah, i always scream whenever I see a silver volvo (not out loud lol) but since i'm in Texas you see a lot of trucks too (i always look out for the red ones!)

but seriously, try the twilight reference game! it's fun! and it kept us occupied for a really long time!
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Post by edwardlover1235 »

lol ome my family and i was just on a road trip to six flags when we were walking through the wave of cars i spotted something shiny and silver do u see were im headed...... it was edwards car without the"R" just the s60
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Post by mariaferzillah »

One day I was telling my mom, while we were behind a BMW convertible:
"Characters in my book have: a Volvo, a Mercedes S55 AMG, a BMW convertible, like that one only that red, oh, another Mercedes Guardian that isn't available in the United States, a Jeep... Yeah, one character was just given a black credit car. They are pretty much rich."
And my mom said:
"Wow, characters in your book sparkle!"
It was so funny! She doesn't know anything about the book at all, she refers to rich people like that! I had forgotten! Too ironic!

But, yeah, I've seen a lot of those cars. I'm a Volvo stalker myself.
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Post by i heart cullen »

haha, everytime i'm in the car, i hunt for twilight cars while i drive :D its pretty entertaining! so far i've seen a bunch of silver volvo s60r's, one 50's red chevy truck like bella's [and a blue one too], a yellow porsche 911 turbo, a red bmw m3, and a black mercedes.
by constantly looking out the window for the cars, i can now basically identify every car i see. it's kind of cool. lol.
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Post by shadesofblack »

lol i was at the mall and so a little silver hatchback that looked suspiciously like the Volvo in the movie... my heart sped up and i crossed the parking lot (good thing there wasn't a car driving by) and got up on the car only to find it was a Scion!

oh.. i see Jeeps like Emmett's all the time, plus they're one of my favorite cars.. a family down the street from me has one of those new 4-door Jeeps and now when i see see it i think of Emmett.
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Post by mlola619 »

Crooked_Rose wrote:^LOL! Me and my friends made up this game when we were on a roadtrip that whenever you saw a volvo you had to scream, "Edward" You would get a point if you said it first, and 2 points if it was silver.

We went on and made up all these really random rules like something about being in Jacob emo mode or in Mike Newton's rejection corner....

My friends and I are weird.

XD ahahaha, Jacob emo mode...Mike Newton's rejection corner- i wish i would've thought of that!
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Post by ashley_nicole00 »

you guys are so lucky!!! I don't I have seen any of the Cullen Cars. :cry:

Maybe the Volvo and truck, but that's pushing it. :(
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Once Again..... "STUPID, SHINY, VOLVO OWNER!!!"

Post by IwantAlicesporsche »

LOL!!!! Since the 2 car sightings, I have seen 3 of them AGAIN! I was at my cousins house and their parents are divorced. They were going to go with their dad to some fireworks and he pulled up in a BMW M3 convertable!!! The only difference was that it was a tan color instead of red like Rosalie's. I was just GAWKING at my cousins all like, "DUDE! Why the HECK didn't you TELL me your dad owned a convertable????" And all they did was stare at me like I'd just murded someone. But then I got some pics in it and got to RIDE in it. I was soooo excited. And while riding in it, we passed a yellow porsche and of course I said, "This day just keeps getting better and better." Then they said, "Why?" and I was all, "DUH!!! Riding in a convertable here? Seeing porsches? Don't you guys know ANYTHING about these cars??????" They just said, "Nope. No idea." Then I explained it to them and I said, "Now that you guys know what I'm talking about, this is the list of cars I HAVE to ride or drive in one day 'cause there in that book.... First is the BMW M3 convertable.. CHECK... then the bright yellow 911 turbo porsche, then the silver S60 volvo, then the Black Aston Martin, (Edward's special occasion car), then the red wrangler jeep, then the 1953 chevy, (Bella's truck) and then Bella's "Before car" the Black Mercedes Gaurdian. Then once they tell us the "After car", I will SO be adding that to the list! LOL And yesterday actually, I was in the car at 8:37 A.M., on my way to gymnastics reading Twilight, when all-of-a-sudden, I look up and see a silver volvo! The only difference to that was that it was a S40 and not an S60. Once again, I said, "Stupid, Shiny, VOLVO owner!" My grandpa said, "Would you please give Edward a BREAK?!?" and I simply said, "Vampires don't get tired, remember?"lol :wink:
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Post by Rubester »

this is kind of a car sighting...maybe...

well my cousin is into collecting those toy cars and he orders cars from amazon all the time and what did he get in the mail today? ... 77&sr=8-33

yeah, not really the S60R but it's the C30
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Post by elysiepiecie »

I went to a Porsche dealership after they closed and took pictures with the Yellow 911 Turbo they had sitting on display. I was a bit scared I would get yelled at by the security guard...but I probably wasn't the first. And even though this isn't a real siting, I played an arcade racing game today and I was the yellow Porsche 911 Turbo...wouldn't have done Alice proud though with my racing ability.
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