Cullen Car Sightings!

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Post by CamberXite »

I saw a volvo drive past earlier.

It was pretty cool LoL
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Post by Spazzzy »

Yesterday I saw Emmets car but it was yellow.
One time we were driving and my mom said "hey look, a silver Volvo in front of us" I almost screamed but then I realized it wasn't the type Edward has. :(
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Post by Crooked_Rose »

Oh God! Whenever I see a volvo I'm like, "OMG!"

The funny part is is that my dad USED to drive a Volvo and sold it! After reading Twilight I'm like, "Dad, get your car back. NOW!"

My friend "Claims" that she saw a silver volvo outside of Starbucks that had a liscense plate that said 'Cullen'. But my friend has been known to, um, lie.
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Post by Moonflower »

Well, in upstate New York you don't see too many flashy cars, so I only have one sighting to report. My mom, my sister, my dad and I were driving to D.C. for Thanksgiving to spend it with our relatives. I was just staring out the window, bored, when I saw a car that caught my eye. It was silver, and when I looked atit closely.. it said S60 R Volvo. So of course I started screaming, and my parents and sister freaked out until I explained I had seen Edward's car and then they all understood. ^_^
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Post by leahfellinlovwithtwilight »

i saw a bmw convert! it was beautiful. and also, i saw a truck that resembled (or so i thought) bellas truck. except it was turquoise. it had the rounded fenders and the big cab. it was beautiful :D and i was watching cars yesterday and i got reminded of alice's porsche lollll
oh, and freekin team jane! hope she finds a nice vampire boy thats not quite as hot as edward, but pretty freekin close!

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Post by pinkisthenewfi »

yeah! i saw edwards volvo s60r in my tiny little town on the english coast. i felt almost privaledged. before the driver gave me a funny look for staring at their car. ha ha!

EDIT - i also saw (not in my town but in the bigger city) what i imagined emmett's jeep to be like. this thing was MONSTROUS, red, shiny and absolutely covered in bars & lights!
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Post by leala »

Everytime my sister sees a siver volvo (any kind of volvo) she screams Edward!! Its very funny actually. There was one in a parking lot & she made us walk by it 4 times!
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Post by Crooked_Rose »

^LOL! Me and my friends made up this game when we were on a roadtrip that whenever you saw a volvo you had to scream, "Edward" You would get a point if you said it first, and 2 points if it was silver.

We went on and made up all these really random rules like something about being in Jacob emo mode or in Mike Newton's rejection corner....

My friends and I are weird.
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Re: Cullen Car Sightings!

Post by ViolettaCullen »

I know what you're saying.
Every single time that I'm seeing a Volvo in the street-nomatter what color or type it is- I stay frozen looking at it and imaging Edward in his own. :)
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Post by The Volturi »

The neighbors of mine have some super rich doctor nephew or something to that nature, he's nice as can be!

So he stops by every few weeks, in the most BEAUTIFUL yellow Porsche I've seen in my life. I can see why Alice loves it so much!

The first time I saw it my mouth just fell open, it was amazing!
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