Cullen Car Sightings!

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Cullen Car Sightings!

Post by Gostfern »

Ever found youself driving to the store or waiting at a stop light... when a Cullen car suddenly drives by? I know I have! And I know I can't be the only one who purposely pulls up closer to check it out. :D So I guess here's a place to gush over your Cullen car encounters!

Here are mine:
(Note: As you may or may not know, the Phoenix Metro area is all about driving. That's pretty much how everyone gets around. So cars of all sorts make an appearance... happily! If you all make it down here for the Eclipes Prom, you'll find out for yourself!)
-The other day I saw a red 1950's Chevrolet Truck, so of course I stared at it until we passed it by. ...And it WAS noicey.
- Yesterday and the day before I saw a BMW M3. They weren't red or convertables like Rosalie's, but they were pretty hott! I drove behind one for about 3 miles. No, we just happen to be going the same way. :^D
- But of course, Volvo's are drop dead sexy (I'm not biast, I swear! :wink:), and I've seen so many silver Volvo S60's to date, I can't even remember them all. *Happy sigh* So many Edward reminders.... But I DON'T think I've seen a S60R yet. Bugger. I'll be keeping my eyes open though.... There used to be a silver S60 that was always parked at my school. I'd always hope just a little.... :D
- I keep hoping I will see Carlisle's Mercedes, and Edward's Aston Martin.
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Post by lauren »

Well, my mom has a silver volvo s60r, so I see it everyday :lol:

I've seen a silver aston martin before in miami. Yellow porsches too. and black mercedes and red bmw m3s. wow, i've seen them all. now i feel really lucky.
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Post by Nekomori »

I remember when my grandpa was alive he lived up in Whasington state and drove around a truck that was shockingly close to what Bella drives. I remember driving around in the back of it and having it bounce around and be all loud and everything. Haha, and he drove pretty fast too, though not nearly as well as Edward so it was pretty scary at times. I know I'v seen random Cullen cars down here in CA before, though I haven't seen any since I've read the books. I think that might be because I've been stuck in my room reading from morning to night. Maybe if I'm able to pull myself away once in a while.... wait, that's IMPOSSIBLE and UNTHINKABLE! I have as much power of staying away from those books as Edward has of staying away from Bella.
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Post by Firewind »

I was in the Blockbuster parking lot and a Volvo pulled up beside us. I was like, ooh...nice ride.
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Post by BrightEyes »

Considering I know NOTHING about cars, and can't tell what a car is while it is moving to save my life, I just watch for cars going really fast with dark tinted windows. :D
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Post by VelvetxxDelusion »

Well, I live pretty much out in the middleish (kind of) of nowhere so great cars are hard to come by... I have seen a few silver Volvos though, and my friend (who is a complete fanatic) started squealing and everything... hmm... yeah I haven't seen any other Cullen cars. :(
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Post by *pixie-prankster* »

Well, I was in a mall, and you know how they have cars parked in the middle,and... it was a silver volvo!

I went a little geeky, and started circling the car going "::giggle:: it's a silver volvo...::giggle:: it's a silver volvo..."

My family looked at me like I was crazy, but I guess I did :wink:

atleast I restained myself from jumping on the hood, or something...
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Post by *Marked*For*Death* »

Well, now that you mention it, I made up something I call CCQC = the Cullen Car Qualifier Contest. Whenever I see a potential Cullen Car Qualifier, I keep count. So far, its up to 657 Qualifiers. I've see so many silver cars, dare I say, I'm starting to dislike silver cars. XD
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Post by BrightEyes »

Haha. I do semi the same thing Marked. I consider whether or not cars driving by are worthy of the Cullens. It's all based on looks, of course, but it's still fun. :D
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Post by Bellen »

I was driving out of the mall the other day and when I saw a black Aston Martin Vanquish!!! Aaaaa! I squealed very loudly and started to spout all of the attributes of this certain car to my mother sitting next to me. She was sort of confused, as I'd never shown any interest in cars before. It was a great moment.
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