Was Carlisle testing Edward when he had to suck out the.....

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I agree, happy_alice! Maybe we should ask this to Stephenie one day. :)
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Re: Was Carlisle testing Edward when he had to suck out the.

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Be My Escape wrote:I was reading through The Vote section of New Moon and I was wondering if Carlisle always knew that Bella would have to be changed. Then I was thinking about when Bella was bitten by James and Carlisle made Edward suck out the venom.

At that point was Carlisle testing Edward's strength?? Did Carlisle suspect that Edward was capable of drinking from Bella without killing her and wanted to prove it to Edward?

Carlisle was very insistant that Edward had to do it while he stiched up Bella's head. It would have been easy enough for them to switch after all Edward has been to medical school and could manage stitches and Carlisle would have easily been able to handle Bella's blood.

So my questions are: Did Caralisle know that Edward was strong enough to handle Bella's blood and trying to prove it to him by making him suck out the venom?

Was Carlisle testing Edward for the future, when he suspected that she might need to be changed
I think Carlisle was testing Edward... Otherwise why wouldnt he do it himself? Ive considered that but never had a very good explanation. But it would make sense. I think Carlisle kind of knew that Bella would have or want to be changed & because they all love her so much & Edward would never want to be without her, He knew at one point it would happen & He would need to be the one to change her.

I noticed that someone was saying no because it would be too risky.. I actually think that Edward wouldnt do it if he didnt trust himself enough. He wouldnt risk being the fault of Bella's life. It would be awful for him. Edward took all of this & more into consideration before Carlisle ever asked [well cause he can read minds..] But i think Edward felt like he should do it & Bella couldnt be changed by another vampire.
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I don't think carlisle was testing him. I think it was just an urgent situation and they were running out of time. There were no other options.
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yeh and everyone else was occupied and edward's relationship with bella would be another factor
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i think it was a test.of sorts.i mean,carsile could have done it but he wanted to prove to Edward that he could do it too.i also agree that it wasnt just the fact that Bella would be a vampire if he didnt do it.it was that she would be turned a vampire from a vampire other than him.if that makes any sense at all.i think deep down he wants to make bella a vampire himself.
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Possibly a test.
More, just Carlisle letting Edward choose.
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hmmm...I never thought of that but it does seem likely...
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I like that theory a lot!! I had ever thought of that.
I think that Carlisle really had to work on Bella's head, but he was leaving the BIG decision to Edward. I think Carlisle always knew that Edward was strong, and with Bella coming, it just proved that he was really strong. Carlisle probably did want to make Edward realize that he was strong enough to do that, too, which was a wise decision, since if Edward hadn't sucked her blood, and Bella asked if he would change her, he would probably say no. Carlisle has a lot of faith in Edward!!!
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I have never thought of it that way. But maybe it is just (as said before) the timing of the whole thing. If the venom was in Bella's blood stream for a longer period of time, it might have been harder to remove.
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I don't think he meant for it to be a test -- he was working on Bella's wounds, and the venom was spreading. Carlisle couldn't do anything about that because of the medical work that needed to be done quickly, so he had Edward suck out the venom. I think he asked Edward because Bella was his life, and he trusts Edward to not kill her, because he knows how much she means to him. But, like others have said, I think it was kind of a test in itself. Like mentioned, Carlisle wanted to prove to Edward that he was strong enough if this came up in the future. And, partly, leaving the decision up to Edward on whether or not he wanted to take a chance of killing her by tasting her blood to keep her human, or let the venom spread so she became a vampire.
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