Are you the only Twilight fan???

General discussion about the Twilight Series Universe.
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MoonStarWithWings wrote:
Crusader For Literature wrote:Do any of you know any twilight-haters? Because there seem to be quite a few. I know some myself.
There was someone on the lex about a week ago badmouthing it...
that's not what fansites are particularly for...
But my friend, who hasn't read it yet, sort of yelled at my other friend and I.
She said she's gotten to hate Twilight because apparantly that's all we talk about.
I wanted to slap her to London and back;
she's got no idea how much she's missing. xD
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No one in my school is smart enough to read anything(school=populated by chavs)I got my friend to read it and one of my other friends was going to read it but I don't think he has yet.We are trying to force it on people but we aren't making much progress.
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At first I thought it was just my friend kourtney and i. then other girls overheard us talking about it one day and were like "ooh i love those books'' Before i knew it, it seemed everyone i know had read it (even several of my guy friends and my boyfriend. he said he felt left out when i talked about it all the time)
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EVERYONE at my school reads it. well at least the dorks. my friends(not dorks) read it too but aren't as obsessed. I think a the B&N party it will be me my friend all the disgusting people at school.
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<center> My friends haven't read Twilight
<center> So I sit with my best friend and read her like 3 chapters each day
<center> So with each day she's getting more and more obsessed
<center> Tommorow we're reading the Cullens and Confessions
<center> Which, in my opinion is the best part of the book

<center> So by tommorow she should be thoroughly obsessed
<center> :)
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The only fan? No. There are quite a few people that are fans, and I've gotten some of my friends absolutely hooked on the series. But as far as fanatical? Most definitely. There's probably maybe three or four dozen fans (out of a city that's 200,000 +) that love the book enough to discuss it at length, but not even HALF that obsess over it the way we seem to do here on the Lex. We'll see how my theory of the obsessed population plays out at the Breaking Dawn midnight release party at Chapters.
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the only twilight series fanatic at my school? NO! but i sure and the only Guy Fanatic about twilight at school! my friend and i talk all about twilight 24/ annoys the teacher because i'm suppose to be the teachers aid and not disturb the class lol!
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I am not the only fan I know, not by a long shot. Half my work place and atleast a quarter of my sorority is hopelessly and happily obsessed! I like to take a little credit for both. Just a
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I am definitly NOT the only twilight fan. All my friends were obbsesed with it an told me to read it. i refused to.....i was too busy readin Warriors. then i switched schools an was randomly wanderin around the library an i saw Twilight. I picked it up an desided to read i'm hooked an will not read anything else lol :lol:
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well...considering the fact that i live in Miami Florida and alot of people here are pretty shallow *dont say anything unless you've lived here as long as i have, haha* i'd have say i pretty much am the only kid who listens to rock...loves it....and is obssessed with this book! :cry: haha but then again it just gives me better chances of getting BREAKING DAWN and being at the front of the line- bwahaha!! :twisted:

I mean there's really only like 4 other people i know who've read the books; they're actually the ones im going with to the Breaking Dawn party at my local Barnes&Noble as well as the TWILIGHT MOVIE PREMIER!!! woot woot!
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