Are you the only Twilight fan???

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Are you the only Twilight fan???

Post by *so_jealous_of_bella* »

At my school, actually in my town, I am pretty much the the only person who knows what Twilight or New Moon is. What about you? I was just wondering if this happens to you?
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Post by y3nd0 »

I WAS that kind of person. :P Until I opened my big mouth and told my friends to read it.
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Post by -Stephanie- »

Aack yes I am sadly the only person I know who has read these wonderful books! It's so sad, I keep telling people about them, but maybe I don't make them sound interesting enough, because nobody will read them! I have really good taste in books, and my friends know that, so I don't know why they won't just give it a chance! They've seen the way I gush over it, I don't know why they won't just trust me and give it a try! Grr it makes me angry. But I do have a friend who says she would be willing to give it a try, if only it weren't so long. I told her it was so good, she wouldn't even notice the length, but I can't win her over. It makes me sad! :cry:
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Post by inlovewithedwardforever »

I was like the only person in my school that had read it... people would be like "Twilight? I've never heard of Twilight..."

Then I got my friends to read it who got their friends to read it who got their siblings to read it who got their friends at different schools to read it who got their teachers to read it..... etc. So now a LOT of people are in love with Twilight.... I told my whole show choir and they all wanted to read it as well.... 42 people... so yeah, now lots like it. But they didn't before. I helped spread the magic. :D
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Post by xCharlottex »

I am the only person in MY SCHOOL!!! who has even heard of the books, let alone read them! But I don't explain the story to them. It's one of those things you can only truly appreciate if you read yourself.
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Post by Midnight_Mustang »

Yes, I was in that situation before I told all my friends to read it so now practically the whole grade of girls has read it or is reading it. *Exaggeration* But A lot of people I know are reading it. They like, but they just don't understand my obsession with it. 8)
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Post by gaby09 »

Well, yes, i'm the only girl in school, and probably town, that has heard of them or even read them.. you know, in my school nobody reads. So anyway, if they had heard about it, they[the people at my school/town] would have never read it, becuase it had up of 210 pages. Yes, they would never read any book that has mora that 210, aprox. I'm the opposite, i would never read a book that has less than 300, unless it was very recomended..

and then i told other friends about it.. and now we're 6 people that know the existance of Twilight in[probably] the whole city! unblievable, i know.
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Post by Chaos »

Ven read it first...then gave it to MS who gave it to me before she went to Japan, I read it and then she read it before I gaveit back to her. Now honestly I hadn't really wanted to read it, but I did...thank god for that.

A friends of mine read it when it came out, and then a few others read it after but didn't like it as much as we did.
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Post by ashleycouture »

I'm the only person i know of who has read the book, i bought it for my best friend for her birthday and i think she has read it but we have been so busy I haven't been able to talk to her about it. And i just made my sister read it and she loved it which is great... so i am slowly spreading the word.
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Post by julia_vm »

yes, i'm basically the ONLY ONE I KNOW who has ever read this book, let alone heard of it. and i find it equally frustrating, considering people would like it if they read it. i suggested it to people and they were kind of like, oh that sounds cool i guess. then they were too busy to read it. *sigh*. Thats what the lexicons for i guess...
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