What happens when a vampire drinks from a werewolf?

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Re: taste bad??

Post by ibelievealice »

Alicefanpire wrote:Wouldnt it just taste bad to vampires like eating a food you dont like because they do smell bad to them like me i dont like the smell of olives nor do i like the taste :)
Exactly, They wouldn't even be tempted I'm sure. They can't stand the smell of the werewolves
But say one did...hmmmm... well they don't have anything like anti-vampire enzymes in their blood, so I don't think it would do anything to the vamp's other than make them cringe, and possible throw up from the stench!!
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Post by Missing Edward »

I don't think that would ever happen considering that they can't stand the smell of each other. I know if a food smells bad most people wouldn't want to take a bite. Ok so say that a vampire bit a werewolf and that werewolf was turned into a vampire by that bite. That would be a really weird twist in the story.

Hmmmmm....... a werewolf vampire
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Post by -NewBorn- »

I think the vampire would be fine from drinking a werewolve`s blood. But the werewolf would probably die from the venom...or become a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid!(Not to mention that Edward said to Bella even as a Newborn, she wouldn`t drink blood from a werewolf.)

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Post by Cold_One »

Ummm, I don't think a Vampire would "drink" the blood of a wolf. I mean, why would he want to? They can't stand their smell so why would they want to drink their blood? I think the only way a vampire would sink their teeth into a wolf would be if he was trying to kill it. Did I make sense? :?
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Post by Vikachan »

Thats a Really good question .. but actually I think that wouldn't happend too much cause if the werewolf smell too bad why wold a vampire would like too drink from them . they would rather to drink from a different source .. anyway .. if it get to happend I believe the Vampire would be ok only with a bad taste and the werewolf too cause they're fast healers .. right? I mean ... since they heal really good and really fast the wouldn't get to die .. so they wouldn't get turned, right?
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Post by bananas_4_edward »

Their innards come out of their bodily excretory glands like toothepaste. But first the blood fries them like McDonalds fries, and after it does that its vomited out and its acid! ( :shock: )

So the innards are coming out! Like toothepaste! And the poor vampire and wriggling around on the ground in such unimaginable pain!

Then the acidic blood vomit absorbs the excreted innards! And it turns into a giant ball of goo! And then the giant ball of goo starts whacking itself on the vampire's head!

Then the vampire wrestles the ball of goo to the ground! Where the ball of goo EXPLODES! ( :x ) <------(that remind sme of a fart face, you know, EXPLODE! FYI)

And then the vampire gets up and walks away like nothing ever happened, because it doesn't need it's internal organs. :wink:
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Post by moetastic »

nothing its just an animal it would taste horrible to them tho its a good personal corrisbodance question
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Post by ashley_nicole00 »

I dont really think anything that crucial would happen. Its not as if werewolves have vemon or anything in them to kill vampires, they just rip em up....

and are really good at it, which is how the are 'made for it'
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Post by Genevieve »

nah.. i doubt that would happen.
Vampires cant stand the smell of werewolves even in the atmosphere(around bella), let alone a concentrated source such their blood.
And why would a werewolf even allow it?
hahah so yeah.
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Post by ashley_nicole00 »

Edward said "even as a newborn, you'll have better taste than to drink from that dog'

so I HIGHLY doubt it would ever be a problem.
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