What happens when a vampire drinks from a werewolf?

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Not to sound rude, but let's keep in mind that this was a purely hypothetical question.
I think that animals DO turn into vampires if you don't kill them, probably one of the reasons that vampires have to take responsibility for the vampires they create(to teach them stuff like that)
So, considering all that, I'd say that the werewolf would become something like Bella originally thought Jacob's pack was (giant wolves running around killing hikers). Of course this also brings up other questions, like what would the vampwolf smell like? And would it be hot, cold or normal temperature? Also, who would the poor thing hang out with? Well, the Volturi would probably destroy it...but it would be one tortured creature :cry: (Oh god, now I'm crying over a WEREWOLF!)
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I'm thinking that not much would happen...they just might get a really funny taste in their mouths.
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