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Cherokee wrote:LOL great!

Not exactly the right place, but oh well: What books are good to read? I need a series. Until Dawn Breaks (yes, until it breaks) I have nothing to read. gimme some ideas please =] haha
hey, go over to the randomness thread in the "flight to phoenix" area, and i'll tell you some of mine. sorry, trying to stay on topic so we don't anger the mods :)
i have now posted on that thread with a recommendation. go check it out!
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Cherokee wrote:
Edward26 wrote:sorry guys I hvnt been on in a while buut I hav edward hales # n I'm going to call him soon soo what should I ask him?
and By the way I jst won the title of miss tennessee :D I'm hopn tht'll b enough for me to meet SM n robert pattinson n the cast n stuff :Dhehehe

Probably you shouldn't call him tonight. It's a bit late. Haha.

hahaha yea lol I was going to wait a while lol
an thank u!!
n wht does pm mean?
and while we're @ it what does pwn or pwns or sumthn like tht mean lol..thnks :D
"I coveted you." His smile darkened. "I had no right to want you - but i reached out and took you anyway. And now look whats become of you! Trying to seduce a vampire." He shook his head in mock horror.
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PM means Private Message.

Pwn means pone.

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