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Post by crystalhart »

Unfortunately I agree with Indi. I think that if I was on the outside it would've gotten kind of old. I would've been there for her when she got out of it but I wouldn't want to hang out with her until she was out of it. I definately would've felt sorry for her the first like month but after that I would've thought that it was kind of annoying, but that's only if I didn't understand the depth of their relationship.
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Post by Kissa »

Yes, I agree with Indi too. If I was her friend I would've of course stayed with her in the beginning, maybe for a couple of months, but I would never have understood the depth of their relationship, at least not at first. But if it had kept up for as long as it did with Bella I think I would've moved through a change in that time. First, understanding and helping and sympathetic, then aggravated that she couldn't at least try to move on, and then I actually think I would've understood that he meant more to her than I'd previously realized and I would once again be back at the supporting stage, but more permanently this time.

But yes, for most people it probably looked pathetic and like she was moping, like she took it too seriously after such a short time. They'd only been together for a few months, and though it probably felt like forever for the two of them, it didn't to the outside-world.

And jaxtheduck... I absolutely do not think Bella would ever have given in to Mike and given him a chance, no matter how persistent he was! *shakes head* Besides, remember, even Mike had begun giving up on her by this time.
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Post by rainydays_alanna »

i think bella would have never gotten over "him" that she would still have the gapping hole in her chest that throbs evertime she would think of edward. i believe that in the end she would have gone for jacob as much as i hate to admit it. she needed him and couldn't have survived without her personal sun
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Post by SPARKLES »

Yeah, I agree with Indi. Unfortunately Bella wasnt close enough with any of the girls to really confide in them so none of them would have understood what she was going through. Obviously, I mean none of them stuck with her through it except Angela. I like to think that I would have stuck with her but probably not for 7 months! I would have remained her friend but probably wouldnt have called her to do things.
I think it would be hard to understand the depth of their love especially at that young of an age.
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Post by indi »

I completely agree with you guys. It's hard to feel that way about Bella because we know what's going on in her head, but I--sadly--think that no one else would understand. No wonder Bella was sort of outcasted.
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Post by piratesmile »

To answer the first question, I think Victoria would have eventually found Bella, or Edward would have come back. But if neither of those scenarios happened, for any reason, I do believe that she would have moved on eventually. It might have taken longer because of who Edward is, but she is human, and time heals all wounds. I doubt she would have ever been able to get completely over him or forget about him by any means, but she would be able to actually live and have a little bit of happiness. And I think that happiness would have been with Jacob.

indi, I agree with what you said. It would be impossible for someone on the "outside" to know the magnitude of what Bella and Edward had, and how special Edward really was. As an outsider I would start to get aggravated with how mopey Bella was, because I would assume that its like any other relationship, and that she needs to move on.
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Post by Conzoni al Vento »

inhuman_beauty wrote:I think Bella would eventually appear to lead a normal life. But underneath she would always remember him Any spare time she had she'd either numb or in'd be pretty depressing. Thats just what I think, or how I would be. I could never move on

Sorry, I'm eight pages too late with this... But this really reminded me of Arwen and Aragon in LotR when the head elf person who's name I forgot was telling her that he would die and she would live on- not being able to die. Just passing the days away without him beacuse he would continue to age and age until he died. Sort of like the same only Bella would be Aragon (hahahha) and Edward would be Arwen (don't know which is funnier)

I think she would have eventually stopped the tears, just like in Titanic- move on but never forget.
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Post by Nadiya »

I think i know what you mean, but i dont think Bella would have eventually stopped. Also Bella would have stopped when Edward came back. Edward would have came to see if she was alright, found that she was a mess, and stayed. Bella would be alright and the book would be boring (do you see what i mean) But if none of that ever happened and Edward didnt come back- I dont think Bella would have ever moved on. any other human would with time, but its not in Bellas nature to heal from something like this. She might have married someone to keep her parents happy but she will always have a huge hole inside forever.and keep doing crazy things to hear his voice. One of the these crazy things would have probably killed her.

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Post by CamberXite »

Bella would have moved on eventually . It would just take some time though . But little things in life would remind her of him and that would make her feel horrible at times , but it would pass .

I do have to agree with the fact that Victoria would have ended it though .
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Post by Aya Frost »

Honestly, I don't think anything could've changed from what the story told. Bella is how Bella is. It wouldn't be our Bella is she didn't get the bikes and go to Jake's.
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