Does Edward understnd?

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Does Edward understand Bella's pain?

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Post by Cullen4Ever »

umm.yes he can totally read her expressions if not her mind.he can also read other peoples minds who are around her.he also knows from just asking her and she tries to lie but he sees right through it.
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Post by Lawane »

LunarEc;ipse wrote:Wait, whoa, whoa. Hold on, remember when Edward described how he was basically writhing, and barely able to hold on to himself. He was worse than Bella! Bella at least, held on to some humanity and still went on for Charlie, and her grades, Edward just shriveled up, and gave up living. If anyone read "Rosalie's News" (The phone call where Rosalie told Edward that Bella had died), he described how bad he was, just lying there, taking life a day at a time. I think Edward did (and still does) understand Bella's pain, he went through some too!
Hmm, I torn between two now. At first I thought that Edward definitely didn't understand the pain Bella went through, as we know the huge suffering Bella went through. But now that I read this (I read Rosalie's News) I'm not that sure. I really can't decide.
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Post by skyblue »

So much has been said I'm not sure if my bits will help but it will be nice to get of my chest.

I don't think either of them (Bella or Edward) could completely understand the pain either felt. Even if the physical effects were different both of them were deeply hurt. I will give Bella top points for pain because when your hit by a boulder from someone you love like Edward did it is much harder to get over. I remember watching my BIL get slammed by a sucker punch from his wife (who he was so deeply devoted too) leave him on Christmas Eve day with their two small children. When someone leaves that harshly and tells you they never loved or wanted you that is a hurt that just can't be completely fixed. Its been 8 ys, a new marriage and baby for him, custody of his first 2 children but he is still hurt deep down from that one moment. He doesn't show it unless he lets himself lose "mental control" maybe after to many drinks, its painfully to be around someone in that kind of pain and you know you can't help them. and that person has to pick up and pretend life is ok and move on. Edward on the other hand is not going to be able to understand that only because he isn't human in that sense and have to deal with his pain in a human sense. Now I think his pain was horrible but just a whole different way. He was ready to die because he didnt' have Bella anymore, his only option because he is a vampire, Bella had Charlie, Renee etc so it wasn't an opition.
Ok, now when Edward comes back Bella has two sets of friends. Us and Them pg 11 Eclipse, I think Edward would start getting some mental images from the "them group" of what Bella was like and their feelings specially from Mike since he has always liked Bella. Then later Jacob lets Edward get a glimpse of Bella in some of her state even thought she kept some much from Jacob, then (bare with me) when Edward can see in the minds of all the wolves, I would not be surprised if he saw Bella through Sams eyes when he found her. I think all of these images would lead Edward to a little understanding of Bella's true feelings and that's why he won't leave her during the battle with Victoria. The pain he saw in Bella's eyes when she thought he would leave and never come back from the battle, I believe, finalized all thoughts or images he would have gathered form everyone in Forks what happened during his time away.

But in the end, does someone ever really know how much the other person loves them. I don't think so. Relationships are built on what our perception is not what we know. You can be told over and over "you mean more to me than life" but no one can ever convey that "feeling" to the other person. Even if they feel the same, that other person will think, no "you mean more to me than life itself". Unless they can each get into the other persons mind, then I don't think either can fully understand the other persons depth of love.

(so sorry its so long, or to much of a ramble. Ijust had to get it out).
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Post by Twilight<3 »

Definitely so. I think he went through the same pain she did. It's not like he went off and was all happy that he was saving Bella. He was devestated, just as she was. He said that there were some days where he couldn't even go through. While Bella tried, he just couldn't. It was the same pain, the same deep love they felt for each other.
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Post by futuremrscullen »

I'm sure he understands. He sympathizes. But he will never understand the pain she felt. My husband is a US Marine who has served 2 tours in Iraq. He knows how upset I was when he was gone... but he will never fully grasp how bad it hurt. There are days that I worried I couldn't function... much like Bella. I cried a lot through New Moon because I understood how she felt. You really feel like a piece of you is gone. Like you can't function until they're there with you.

But then again, Bella doesn't understand how he felt either. My husband said he hated leaving me in the States while he was gone. He couldn't take care of me when I cried. When he got hurt over there, he couldn't tell me he was okay. He was miserable too, like Edward. Just a different kind of miserable.

Both were miserable, because neither can really live without the other.
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Post by fantasia »

I don't think either of them understand what the other went through, though Edward was more inclined to talk about what he went through than she was.

He seemed to grasp that she was very unhappy, but not the extent of it. He wasn't around to see that she'd practically turned into a zombie, nor the risks she took to put herself closer to him (in her mind).

Bella never got angry at him when he was back in her life, and she didn't have a chance to. If Edward wouldn't have gone to Volterra to kill himself, I'm sure she would have. Either way, it took some work on Edward's part to convince her he was staying for good this time...and I think that was Bella's way of letting him know he hurt her badly enough for her to stop trusting him in that way.
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Post by EdwardsTopazEyes »

I think that Edward understands the pain the Bella felt while they were separated, because he felt pain when they were apart, as well. But I don't think he understands the pain that he caused Bella when he told her that he was leaving and that he didn't want her anymore, because even though he didn't mean it, Bella believed him, and then had to learn how to trust him again.
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Post by Manta »

I really don't think that Edward FULLY understands Bella's pain. He thinks that humans just get over things eventually, which is true in most cases. I think, though, that Edward seeing Bella from Jacob and Sams memories when he was gone helps him comprehend the extent of that pain.
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Post by m9organ »

I think Edward thinks has a pretty good idea because he was going throught the same thing, but I think that he doesn't fully understand what Bella went through. She died that day. I think that Bella was in the worst pain a person could possibly be in.
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Post by bellacullen406 »

I think he understands because he felt the same pain when he was gone too. But someone else made a good point that he knew where she was and that he could go back, where as Bella thought he was gone forever...

regardless, I was acctually really happy when Jake was "showing" Edward what Bella was like through his thoughts because I think Edward needed to know what he did to Bella, and us readers lol
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