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Who would you rather be stranded on a desert island with?

Edward Cullen
Harry Potter
Total votes: 744

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Post by haaleey »

<center> I said Edward but then I got a little worried

<center> What if there's no animals on the island and he gets too hungry?!
<center> He said he slips up, and I'm no Bella, it's not like he loves me
<center>So I'm not sure he'd have the will power

<center> But then again it would be easy enough to get off the island
<center> I remember in Twilight he said it was easy for vampires to swim
<center> Because they don't have to breathe
<center> So he could swim and get help, or he could serve as a boat.
<center> Either one <center> :]
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Post by Alleymania »

I would choose Edward because A. He sparkles in the sun and B. We would actually be stranded for some time together. :wink: :D :D
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Post by twihard4life »

I would so choose edward over harry any day. no competition
Edward forever!
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Post by rxtwilightqueen »

this is a poll not needed because of obvious reasons- EDWARD ALL DA WAY!!! we probably would survive because since he's so perfect- he would swim to shore, wit me on his back just to add, in no time.

sry. harry, if it makes you feel better, i'll would stay with you when edward finally gets married and wont be allowed to be with other girls! sry. not even... JASPER!!!!
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Post by faerie_kitten »

ok harry potters magic may come in handy but i would pick edward. it being a desert island and all there would be nmo need to signal anyone cos he sparkles so much :)
also he is so fast and strong that he can just swim us out of there :)
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Post by Bloodlust107 »

Hmm let me think about this......EDWARD!! Who WOULDN'T want to be stranded on an island with Edward?! I used to be obbsesed (sp?) with Harry potter but now.....not so much lol. An besisdes if i was stranded on the island with HP i'd die either from Voldy or a death eater. But if i was with Edward he would either kill me or save me. If i had to choose between bein killed with Harry or to be killed by Edward i would take Edward :wink:

An the twilight books are better than the HP i like SM better than JKR :)
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Post by mlola619 »

pppfffaaa. Is that even a question!? HARRY PAUPER!!!

..........XD haha just kidding i mean Edward Cullen :D


no insult intended, why would anyone bash on a emo kid like Harry? :shock: again, just kidding!
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Post by TashaBear »

Clearly i'm going to have to go with Edward, I mean come on he sparkles in the sun and is completely georgous! what more could a girl want?
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Post by Leah Woods »

Harry Potter definitley. He could get me off the island what is most important. :D
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Post by shadesofblack »

Edward, i just think we'd have a lot to talk about.
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