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Who would you rather be stranded on a desert island with?

Edward Cullen
Harry Potter
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Post by joy »

Edward would have to change me so he wouldn't eat me.After that we could feed on the local wildlife if there is any..Seagulls,fish? Would that even be possible (fish)? I would fill my time staring at him of course. Harry is quite skilled with magic tricks but can he make my head spin, make me breathless?I don't think so. Edward your definitely the one..
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Edward Of course!

Post by Alice's Twin Sister »

Oh Hands down my choice would be Edward! Sexy, Suave, debonair, and always a gentleman. Magice is over rated anyway. :wink:

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Post by lalalouise »

^^ YES!!

Plus he could swim us back to shore, whereas with Harry we'd have to go back on his broom... Ouch!!
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Post by Bumblebee »

Mr. Harry James Potter. I mean, he could summon two brooms for you and him to fly away on. And he could summon food... And he wouldn't get thirsty and try to eat you. (:

Then again, I am a Jacob fan. Might that have something to do with it?
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Post by BITEmark<3 »

Uhh..there's really no competion. I mean, Edward could swim you off the island if you wanted. (Not that I would want to leave if I was stranded with EDWARD!)
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Post by rescue the wolves »

Haha! I found the perfect solution!! Pick Harry and have him summon Edward. Then have Harry drink a potion to turn him into Emmett...or whoever you like second best. Hopefully, they won't kill you and you can enjoy being alone with just them.

That's my idea of a perfect vacation. :lol:
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Post by CanadianAlice »

Wow talk about a landslide victory for Edward! I just think is too young for me. I might think differently if it was my image of Sirrius (Viggo Mortensen) Oh yea! Tempting but I think Edward still wins!
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Post by I stole james' cookies »

If you get Edward to change you then you can just swin off the damn island-but I'd choose being alone with Edward over civilisation any day so I'd stay on the island with him and Harry Potter shove off somewhere else :D

Do you think this could be the same island we all have fantasy of him taking Bella to for their honeymoon?just a thought.
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Edward or Harry? Ha! Are you kidding me????

Post by IwantAlicesporsche »

I am a fan of Edward and Harry Potter, but we all know that Edward is going to win. Harry would probably lose his wand in the water if he swam. However, vampires are GREAT swimmers. If you don't belive me, ask Carlisle. lol. And if you were stranded on an island with Edward, why would you ever want to leave??? hehe. So without a doubt- EDWARD!!!!! :D
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Post by Sarah&Edward »

if you had asked me 2 years ago i wouldve said harry potter. but since the last book came out, someone else had to fill the void...... :shock:
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