Stephenie's - If you were stranded on a desert Island?

General discussion about the Twilight Series Universe.

Who would you rather be stranded on a desert island with?

Edward Cullen
Harry Potter
Total votes: 744

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Post by Minireb123 »

Edward obviously! I mean Harry's great but he's no match for Edward at all.

And, Harry can get a bit annoying sometimes >.<
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Post by ElanorLuinmir »

... wait... just how deserted? Void of animals? Definitely Harry...

but if we're talking just hanging out on an island for a while with either of the two. Edward. They're both kind of emo, but Harry's can be a little it rhymes with witch sometimes.
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Post by ClumsyCullen14 »

Even though Harry Potter is an awesome series it doesn't even compare to twilight. who would chose anyone other than Edward. the most beautiful guy ever!
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Post by EdwardsTopazEyes »

Well, Harry's magic would be handy, but I'd rather take my chances with Edward. He's so perfect that he'd even make getting stranded on a desert island amazing. I mean, who wouldn't want to spend some time alone on an island with a hot, sparkly vampire??
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Post by Call Me Alice »

Edward Cullen is my official deserted island buddy. mmm... all alone in the middle of nowhere with Edward... :D. Besides, if you wanted to leave the peace and solitude of the island, Edward could get you off. He doesn't need to breathe and can swim really fast. as long as he stayed near the surface, you could just ride on his back.

i think the better question is: Why did Edward only get 91% of the votes?!?
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Post by CéliAmbre »

the way i picture harry, he is a pimply, small, thinner-than-me (which sucks, though i'm not fat) teenager and noooo. Edward. and also...what should i talk about with harry? i dunno, he doesn't talk a lot in general. Edwra don the other hand...i could talk to him about everything. i would. he understands the human mind enough to not be shocked, i think.
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Post by softxxballer »

Harry Potter because I could have him poof Edward there and I could have both. Yeeeah magic :]

than harry could get me food
and edward could do... other things :]
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Post by Laney Jo is Alice »

i say harry because he could poof us food and a house and stuff.
edward would just get too hungery and i dunno... eat me....or something
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Post by The.New.Cullen »

I vote Edward, but then Bella would kill me...Then again, i am a Cullen...
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I'm going to go to their wedding shower *evil grin* I will find you, Cullen.
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Post by tookthe405 »

Edward Cullen for sure!! Harry Potter is just so freakin emo. He would just sit there and complain - "My scar burns I hate my life I'm seeing creepy things wah".... :roll: (This is coming from a huge HP fan haha) Plus Voldemort would probably show up and freak out and Avada Kedavra my butt

At least with Edward, if he couldn't get me off the island, at least I would die happy in his company :D
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