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Post by ashleydash »

haha, wow you learn something new everyday.

But yeah, on topic.
I'd say that after Edward and Bella, Jasper and Alice are my favourite couple in the series.
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Post by Quixoticies »

Despite the fact that Alice saw that she was going to be with Jasper, I think it's really romantic how they met. Like love at first sight.
And the way she sat in the diner (or whatever it was, I can't quite remember) and just waited for him.
Like how a lot of people wait for their true love to come into their life?
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Post by literaturelover »

Let me start by saying this: I LOVE Alice and Jasper's relationship!
True, in Twilight he wasn't mentioned that much, but I don't think he needed to be, because we were just getting to know all of the characters. But, like mentioned before in this thread, at the airport in New Moon when all Alice and Jasper needed to do was to look at each other, not needing to put it into words spoke volumes for me. Their connection is so spiritual that they don't need to put in words, they just know each other, inside and out, body and soul. Then, to top it all off, in Eclipse, we learned how they came to be, and how it was destined from the beginning. Then, we got to see their more playful side, when they were preparing to fight the newborns. Their connection is just perfect, pure and simple.
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Post by pollypollypolly »

I realise that Jasper is protective when it comes to Alice, as Edward said in Eclipse "He was too busy protecting Alice" in the newborn fight.

But generally I think Jasper and Alice are the best couple out of the Cullens.
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Post by ashleydash »

And when they're reunited at the end of New Moon, after Alice Edward and Bella come back from Italy, that's so cute.
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Post by Selina »

pollypollypolly wrote:But generally I think Jasper and Alice are the best couple out of the Cullens.
I must agree. They are awesome. :shock:
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Post by Elysia »

I love Alice and Jaspers relationship...they really understand eachother and have a mutual bond between them. They would both do anything for the other and (like Bella and Edward) one wouldn't be able to exist without the other. But they're also very different characters...Alice the up beat and enthusiastic and Jasper's the quiet, seemingly shy one. Opoosites attract i guess! :lol:
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Post by Twilife »

alice and jasper are my favorite couple besides edward and bella. i think jasper is so mysterious and maybe because alice can see his life and his future, she underdtands him better. alice is a shopper, which seems a little superficial, but more than that she is serious, and concerned, and caring about people (think elcipse, when alice comes back, shes very somber), those qualities she posseses, caring and concerned, are probably why she is attracted to jasper. jasper needs someone to care for him in a more loving way. alice needs someone to help (shes helpful to edward,bella, jasper -as well as her own need to live vicariously, caring and loving for jasper could help fulfill that need) i think jasper needs someone to protect, some goal or reason for being. alice and jasper are also both very intelligent (ex. eclipse- practice battles). i think alice is like someone who you think you know, but deep down theres alot more to them than you can ever realize. and with jasper- he does realize this. Entirely my opionion, though. :)
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Post by Modelisous »

All of the cullen couples are kind of opposites but they fit together.
Their all uniquely special :D !
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Post by roxytrixietwtchs »

how to define their relationship...I can't

They are just to unique...most of the time Jasper is quiet but Alice brings out he fun and eccentric side in him...Alice is so peppy and so full of energy and I really think that Jasper keeps her grounded in a way. I wish more about their relationship would be in the books but for now I love them together. They are just so perfect.
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