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I love Jasper and Alice, as some of you guys were saying before theirs is definitely emotional. When Jessica said that they were together in Twilight I just assumed that was true so I was looking out for anything about them.

They really do complete the other.

vampgirl9, I don't think they're married, I mean Edward didn't say anything. And that is a good point though if Alice is very big on that why doesn't she have one?
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jaspercookie wrote:
Oh, I absolutely love them together. Yes, they have very different personalities, but they really fit well together.
I completely agree with this. I think they balance each other out really well. Alice is more outgoing and bubbly where Jasper is a bit more shy and introverted. Jasper also has this darker side to him lurking underneath due to his less than desirable time spent with the newborn armies; I think Alice's calmness and naturally sweet and caring character works well to support Jasper in his attempt to live the "vegetarian" life style with the Cullens. Not only do they love each other, they need each other.

VPnymph wrote:
They're rivalling Bella and Edward in my eyes for my favourite couple in the series.
As a couple, I like them way more than Edward and Bella who, in my opinion, are simply obsessed with each other- without any real deep connection beyond that. But maybe that's just me...

vampgirl9 wrote:
i know they arent as straight forward as Rosalie and Emmett but still were they ever married? and do they share a room like Rosalie and Emmett...not that they really need a room but are they like them but just hidden or is their relationship totally different?
That's a tough one. I think maybe it's a little bit of both. There's no doubt their love is just as strong, it's just expressed very differently, in a way we don't really get to see much of as a reader sense the series is form Bella's perspective. But we can definitely pick up on it and the astute reader can see how deep and true their feelings really are for each other. I wish we got to see more of the two of them together though.
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They're so cute!!

They're just meant to be. Maybe more than E&B... nah.

They just... I can't explain it. They;re perfect.
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I love Alice and Jasper's relationship. At first, I was thinking like a lot of you guys, "they are opposites" and "Alice is so much sweeter and nicer than Jasper that is seems weird".

But I kind of disagree. I think Alice is sweet and calm and nice, but so is Jasper. Read from Eclipse the section where Alice and Jasper are fighting. They are so totally in sync that it's almost scary.

The fact that she already knew he would be her entire life and that he was so willing for some other way than what he had been living when they met, shows that they were 'meant to be'
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I wish I could understand a little bit more about the dynamics of their relationship. Like for instance, rather than hug and kiss each other in the airport in NM, why did they only look into each other's eyes? What transpired there in that interaction that made that such an intimate moment for them? How do they relate to each other on a more intimate level? We know very little about their social dynamics other than that they are together and that they love each other.

Like how do they live with each other? Alice is described as having her own bedroom with her own expansive closet and bathroom. But not one word is mentioned about Jasper... we assume her room is also his.. but it is never mentioned. :?

Alice and Rosalie Rock!
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