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If I was Bella, I'm not sure that I would have gone to the extremes that she did when Edward left her. That saying, I have never been in love so I'm not 100% sure how to act. I don't think I would be as irresponsible as to go cliff diving on my own without somewhere there with me. I understand the thrill of hearing Edward's voice, but still. I would try to focus my energy on something healthier, what I don't know. I tend to read a lot, especially when I'm in a funk, so maybe I would channel my energy into that.

As to my reaction of Edward leaving, I don't think I would have stayed in the forest and just crawled up into a ball on the floor. I would have made it to my room and probable broken down there. Or I would have at least made it to my car.
All these things are speculation though because I've never been in a serious relationship.

I also don't think I would be as accepting and willing to trust as Bella was. I think Edward leaving me and then coming back again would make me wary. It would take a lot longer than a day or two to realize that he wasn't going anywhere.
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See... I'm shying away from answering this question because everyone who does has the ability of hindsight. We've all read New Moon and Eclipse thousands of times, and we've seen every mistake Bella made as she made it. So we can't really judge her because we weren't there.

I can't judge Bella. Everyone's allowed to make mistakes; that's life. And if Bella hadn't made those mistakes, New Moon and Eclipse woulnd't have been as interesting to read. None of us would have anything to talk about.

So yes Bella made mistakes. But she's a 18 year old girl, not a 107 year old vampire. We can't all be perfect.
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Haha if I was Bella, I probly wouldnt have jumped off the cliff...but I would have been trying to hear Edward's amazing voice..i mean who wouldnt? I most likely would have gone to see Jacob as well, but I dont know if I would have kissed him, depends on what edward was telling me in my head lol. I would have been in the same black hole she was though. Edward was her drug, her oxygen, her world. and if i lost my world, and reason of living, i would have a hole in my chest, too. I really sympathize for Bella, and I think she did what she could.
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I think it's hard to tell what I would have done if I were the Bella in New Moon (I mean how many times have I had true love ripped from my grasp?) but I'm fairly confident that I wouldn't have jumped off a cliff right before a storm. Maybe would've jumped off, but not when there were totally wickid currents.
The whole reckless lifestyle would've happened. And if I were Bella, I would really liked to have hit Tyler or Lauren a few dozen times. :shock:
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