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Post by UnicornsandCentaurs »

If I was Bella I would not have jumped off the cliff, I think it was a really stupid, and very irrational thing to do. Also I would totally choose Jacob over Edward, but that's just me.
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Post by DefyxGravity »

Yea, i wouldnt have told Jacob i loved him, or kissed him. It made everything difficult-moreso than it had to be. I dont think i would have jumped off the cliff either. That was stupid and reckless...i dont think Bella realized how much she meant to everyone, and was just concerned about hearing his voice.
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Post by demolition_lovers »

hmm if i was bella...
the whole edward jake thing would probably be the same.. i tend to be kind of shy ( i guess you can say) when it come to starting/ending a relationship... soo completly ending it with jake would be soo hard, no matter how much he makes me mad...i definatly wouldnt of kissed jake.. that would just be not right.. knowing that i loved edward in my mind it would make me feel like i was being unfaithful to my boyfirend (edward in this case obviously..)
the cliff thing... there would be no way i would do that...
its just not somthing i could EVER see my self doing.. i dont kno...
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Post by tookthe405 »

Bella couldn't stop herself from falling in love with Jacob, but she wasn't classy about it at all. If I were her... as soon as I realized that my feelings for Jacob were more than friendly, I would cut it off RIGHT there. Stephenie Meyer said that it was important for Bella to "have another option" and that's fine, but kissing him and leading him on like that was cruel to both Ed and Jacob.
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Post by jeanandy »

if i was bella:

mmmmm.....i still would have jumped off the cliff, that was kind of cool. i wont have kissed or told jake that i loved him. that just caused undo heart ack for all 3 of them. i wont be scaried to marry edward. and i would let edward pay for a new car and school.
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Post by ...Cristina... »

If I was Bella, I'd certainly have avoided the whole Jacob thing: I would have never kissed him, I would have told him how the things were supposed to be. He should have just been his friend, knowing her love for Edward.
But I think I would have jumped off the cliff, because if it meant listent to his voice again, I would have done it.
When Edward left Bella, I would have never forgiven me his going away, even though it's not been my fault. I would probably have looked for someone who could help me somehow. And then I'd have developed my friendship with Jacob, but nothing more: Edward would have still been a too much persistent thought.
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Post by CamberXite »

I wouldn't have jumped off the cliff, because that was just reckless and stupid on her part. Did she not think how her family would feel if something had gone wrong?
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Post by ~waiting4mylovestory~ »

I would've done, I think, everything Bella did.

I know why she did the things she did, and felt those things...so, yes, I probably would've.

Of course, I think i does depend in what context.
Because if we all had Bella's upraising, we probably would've done the same, because, essentially, we are her if we have her memories and whatnot.

But..myself? I think I would've done the same...after reading the book. Because i know that without those things, that happened, Bella wouldn't know herself enough and learn the things she did learn. But if, in the moment, I would've changed somethings, considering that I have a slightly different personality from her (obviously)...like Edward's perposal. I would've said yes almost right away. The reason why Bella didn't is because she was taught that...

So, yes. I would've done mostly everything the same...

Wow. That was...overally overanalyzed. Sorry... :oops:
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Post by bkl »

If I were Bella, I would have been so pissed at Edward when we saved him, because, I mean, really--
the guy I'm infatuated with leaves me? Big turnoff right there and then I have to go save him? ANd wehn he gets back, he won't let me see the one person that nursed be back to life after what the breakup did to me?

Whether he deserves it or not, I would probably have a very difficult time forgiving him. Not that I don't love Edward, in fact, its a relief that Bella is so forgiving, for me, because if she had my temper....

anyway, I guess I'm a lousy person, but I would have been a teensy bit more upset with Edward than the all-forgiving Bella...
At least for a DAY I would have been MAD at him. No Bella, was more SAD then MAD, thinking that he didn't love her.

But I am more tempramental than Bella...
I'm sure I would have forgiven Edward soon enough! ( I mean, I would if he kissed me)
but bella was not one bit upset, which I don't relate to ( but I am grateful for)
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Post by tessace86 »

If I were Bella, I know for a fact that I would not have kissed Jacob. Having someone like Edward would NOT be something I would feel the urge to question. I like Bella, but she is stubborn and is never satisfied. I know that I, personally, have more self-control. I also am better able to accept things and go along with them the way they are. This is not to say that I think Bella is a horrible person for what she did, but she sure is lucky Edward is the way he is, because I would not be so forgiving and understanding hahaha. Sure, one can put most of the blame on Jacob, because was the one who initiated the whole ordeal. However, she went along with it, regardless of her intentions. They both are to blame.
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