If you were Bella...

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If you were Bella...

Post by bronzehairedgirl »

Would you have done anything differently than Bella? Would you have kissed Jacob? What would you have done when Edward left? Would you have jumped off the cliff?

This is the place to explain what you would have done differently than Bella and how it may have affected the events afterwards. You do not need to stick only to the questions I posed above. You can discuss any of Bella's actions you personally would do differently.
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Post by Bella_S_Black »

new thread! :D
If I was bella then I wouldn't have jumped off the cliff. It was really stupid, and kind of irrational. She was doing it to hear edwards voice and be reckless.....if I was hearing voices in my head I would be kind of scared for my mental health, lol
She should have considered the dangers before diving into it (literally!) and what could have happened if it went wrong. Charlie would have been distraught, as well as renee, Jacob and her friends. (and obviously edward and the cullens too, but she didn't know he still loved her at the time)
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Re: If you were Bella...

Post by Aros_girl »

Yes, I would have not kissed Jacob. And never told him I love him. I mean I would have loved to have Jacob there as a friend when Edward left but that is all. And that is all I would have seen him as, a friend. And no doing anything dangrous just so I could hear Edwards voice. So i guess that means no cliff diving, plus it is dangrous. But most things would have stayed the same if I was Bella. But when Edward left I would reaure myself he would come back for me. No matter what.
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Re: If you were Bella...

Post by Forever_Edward_Cullen »

bronzehairedgirl wrote:Would you have done anything differently than Bella? Would you have kissed Jacob? What would you have done when Edward left? Would you have jumped off the cliff?

This is the place to explain what you would have done differently than Bella and how it may have affected the events afterwards. You do not need to stick only to the questions I posed above. You can discuss any of Bella's actions you personally would do differently.
Good question! Based on the intensity I personally feel between Edward and Bella and then placing that on myself as Bella, I would not have kissed Jacob. You can love your friends, no doubt but she knew how Jacob felt about her. If I didn't want to be more than friends, I wouldn't have wanted him to think there was even the slightest chance. By doing that, she placed doubt. When Edward left, I think I would have done the same thing as Bella.... been a zombie. It is like a part of you dies in a love/relationship that intense. I don't think I could have coped well either BUT I wouldn't have jumped off the cliff because of the chance that Edward was being irrational and waiting to come back when the time was right. I would understand the circumstances of his family and the smell of my blood. Was there a chance he could never come back, sure. But, I sure would have hoped A LOT he was coming back to me. :)
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Post by Maria340 »

one of the reasons I love twilight so much is becuase I relate to Bella so well. I wouldn't do much different from her. I wouldn't fall in love with Jacob, and I definitely wouldn't kiss him. In fact, I'd probably insist that Edward break his face when he forced himself on me. But I'd still care about him as a friend. I'd also do more to reassure Edward that there's no reason for jealousy. I'd probably do all the stupid things Bella did when Edward left, except I'd have a more difficult time coping. Bella felt SO much better with Jacob that she couldn't feel the hole in her chest when she was with him. I'd always have a huge part of me missing, and I'd spend all eight months of Edward's absence in absolute misery. And when he returned, I'd never ever let him leave my side. except to hunt. hehe.
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Post by fluxxii »

One of the things that made me stick to the series was how much I could relate to the book. Okay, so it's definitely not as adventurous (although if I could find some vampires and werewolves, I'd be down with that), but my relationships have been eerily similar to Bella's and I can see exactly why she did this or that. I know that if I hadn't been in her position, I wouldn't really understand how she could be so addicted to Jacob or why she would take risks like that.
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Post by foreverNlove »

As pathetic as it is, I probably wouldn't have recovered to the point that Bella had in New Moon....but I would also have also made up a reason that edward left....his family went to peru for doctors without boundaries so edward wouldn't be in touch, they had to leave because carlisle lost his job, they couldn't stand the prejudice from the kids on the reservations and left quietly...though I know it would have been wrong to lie and place the blame on Carlisle or anyone else...thats probably what I would have done to protect Edward.
Also, I wouldn't have spent as much time with Jake, wouldn't have fallen in love with him and certainly wouldn't have kissed him...but if I had, I wouldn't have tried to mend Jake's broken heart at Edwards expense...wrong of me? perhaps, but it is what I would have done. (Though I really don't think I would have fallen in love with Jake...)
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Post by Aegwynn »

Eh, so I see the whole Jacob thing has been getting a bad wrap...

If you loved someone so completely, with all your heart and soul... if you knew they were the only one for you, and you felt as though you were missing a huge chunk of yourself without them there... you would be aching so bad to fill that emptiness left by their abrupt departure that you might easily be lulled into an emotional relationship that presented you with some semblance of stability.

*deep breath* That was one long sentence.

I just sympathise with Bella in this situation. I don't like what she did, and I don't think it was fair to either her or Jacob, but I can understand the feelings behind it. She is feeling so distraught, so broken, so empty without Edward that the easiest thing to do is replace the feelings he gave her - love, acceptance, the security of having someone look after her, etc. Her defenses are worn down. She's tired of hurting and it's all she wants to grasp at some semblance of normalcy. And Jacob does that for her.

I definitely don't think she did any of this intentionally. I think it "just happened". Things snowballed and she's so tired of trying not to fall apart that she didn't use her better judgement.

Does that make sense? What do you guys think?
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Post by kvampireloverr »

well, if he was threatening to take his life away and everything of course i would've kissed him and if i found that i loved him i would tell him.because i know jake would rather know the truth that he was right and not live in doubt, which i believe would've been worse for him.
i can't act so sober in front of people,especially in front of my parents so the brave face would always have been on
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Post by EdwardsGirl234 »

I think that Bella intends good things for all her actions, and when her actions lead to bad things happening she blames herself.

But if I were Bella I would just kill Jacob myself and get it over with. JK Meyer would never kill Jacob but I would like to see that happen (sorry Jacob fans..). I think it's Meyer's fault that some people (me included) hate Jacob so much, because she made Edward absolutely perfect in every way; there IS no competition, which is why I hate Jacob. He gets in the way of Edward and Bella's happy ending!!!

So I guess that's what I would do different. I would kill Jacob if I were Bella.
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