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Post by Bella~Marie »

Techniquely, the age difference is way more than that. But it wouldn't be the first illegal thing the Cullen's have done and if anyone found out, Edward could dazzle them.Lol
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Post by EdwardsTopazEyes »

I think that the age thing is te least of their worries. But when (I refuse to say if) Bella becomes a vampire it won't matter. They could easily pretend to be a year older or younger if they wanted. And I don't think that anyone is really going to care--and Edward would put a stop to it if they did. Lol.
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Post by CullenWannaB »

I don't think it as creepy or anything because Edward is older than that. His body however is seventeen but mentally mature. So it is all good in my eyes.
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Post by emina88 »

i just realized when i read this section.

does that mean that when the cullens (with bella as their new family member :D :D :D :D ) move to a new town, does that mean bella and edward has to pretend to be siblings?!

just like alice/jasper and rosalie/emmett?

i wouldn't like that. AT. ALL. :x :x :x
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Post by genuinesmile »

emina88 wrote: does that mean that when the cullens (with bella as their new family member :D :D :D :D ) move to a new town, does that mean bella and edward has to pretend to be siblings?!

just like alice/jasper and rosalie/emmett?

i wouldn't like that. AT. ALL. :x :x :x
i really doubt Stephenie would have them pretend to be siblings, an idea would be for her to say that she became an orphan and her boyfriend's family (the cullens) gladly took her in to their home :D

Funny though, i didn't think about the age thing that way, bella getting older than edward. i thought about it the other way around, Edward being so much older (quite mature and all). I don't think that age difference would be a problem. most of the time people tend to look younger than what they really are or vice versa.
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Post by MoonStarWithWings »

I imagine Bella would just be another adoptee, like 'the Hales'.
So it'll be 3 Cullens, 2 Hales and a Swan.
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Post by unforgivenminute »

Edward's "legal" age depends on what his current birth certificate says.

Laws concerning age differences differ by state, too.

Maybe they will make Bella a Hale. Rosalie and Jasper pose as twins, but it wouldn't be difficult to add a third sibling. It would, however, be more suspicious. I don't think very many people would buy "Oh, we adopted six kids, and they conveniently paired off! Cool." Their story is going to have to change. Maybe their family is getting too big.
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Post by obsessed&#9829;with&a »

i really never thought about that, but that totally sucks!!! but who cares. edward has killed people. i dont think that dating will seem that bad on his record with breaking the law. bella, on the other hand...
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Post by losing feeling »

ok, we have thought about this
and we cam to the conclusion that it doesn't matter
they can pretend that bella is just a few months older
it happens all the time

now onto the siblings thing
we think bela would be a Hale
it would be too creepy (to humans) if she was a Cullen dating another Cullen
she wouldn't be part of a triplet, just another Hale
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Post by Lawane »

I think she shouldn't be a Hale because it would be quite odd, when Rosalie and Jasper are blonds and Bella in a brunette and so. I think that she'd just be a Swann.
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