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Re: Illegal!?!?

Post by Gabriela »

silverbullet wrote:Okie. Me and my friend were talking and we were all like
"It sucks that Bella is aging so that means that she'll become 18 and her and Edwards realtionship will be illegal!" I mean how wrong it that! Edward is eternally 17. I mean that would just suck within itself. So close to being an adult but not quite! Anyway back on the topic of Bella ageing. She keeps ageing so they better change her into a vampire fast. I mean is anyone else disturbed by this or is it just me? Just wondering.
Oh my goodness, Edward has been around for decades. He's older than Bella's parents. Not only that, but the Cullen's can also pass for being a few years older than what they claim when they are attending school. -- As for Bella continuing to age? She is only 18 years old. Esme didn't get changed until she was like 26. All of them are still v e r y young.
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Post by XxKatiexX »

Imagine Bella would say to Charlie ...''Dad I'm in love with a boy who is older than you, technically'' .

And the thing with his name I think he used to have a lot of names. But imagine you are immortal, 100 years old and you have just a lack of memories. wouldn't it be important for you to know the name your real Mum gave you. ? and wouldn't it be important for you that your real love, calls you like this?

And I don't think it is important that his age is technically 17. You can see that he is so mature and has so much experience that shows you that he is much older. You are as old as you feel :D

personally I would freak out if I would always be 17 that's the most boring age( absolutly in between) when you are 18 you can do everything ( go to parties...) and when you are 17 you need someone who takes care of you when you go out. And there are so many other things which make it hard to be 17. :cry:
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Post by Irina »

Well, I don't know how the law is in the US, but here in Denmark, something like that - as far as I know - isn't illegal before someone reports it to the police. And since Edward's way of behaving and talking seem very mature, I doubt someone would think he is 'younger' than Bella.
Bella isn't very likely to turn him in, either x)
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Post by sarahbells »

Mary Alice wrote:actually, depending on how long they wait to change her it would be alright. The law actually is that if you are 18 and dateing a minor its only illegal if that minor is more than 3 years younger than you. So for now, Edward is still fair game.

that is sooo weard. i would never of thought about that. well i think she will be turned before she can break the law. she does not come across as a law breaker. i think she will be fine, but i think it is pretty funney =-)
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Actually, that three year thing isn't true. Yes, in a way it is. But there are loop-holes. You can still get charged for having sexual affairs with someone who is 17 even if you are 18. It varies from state to state on what they will do to you but it is a nationwide law. Usually, it only happens when someone reports it (namely parents) so it is highly unlikely that they would get into trouble but I just had to say something because I hate constantly hearing "BUT THE THREE YEAR RULE" because it doesn't always hold up. If necessary, I'll bust out my criminal law book and even post the exact thing it says about that in here (just give me a few days to dig it out of the basement).
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Post by rainydays_alanna »

^^^ ^^^

true to that!
me and my friends were actually talking about this law yesterday but not for the same reasons and we concluded that if the parents ok with the relationship then the three year rule applys but if the parent isn't ok with the relationship then they can press charges on the 18 year old no matter if your 15 or 17 but i don't think that we have to worry about that
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Post by Bella_S_Black »

edward has been to uni before, and I think I read somewhere that jasper has contacts to forge documents. Edward probably pretends he's older quite often
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Post by Unchallenged »

they could get away with anything! and achive anything, but having that level of attention would alert the media and everyone would remember you and you would have to hide away
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Post by MoonStarWithWings »

The Cullens are illegal.
I mean, the fact that Edward's committed how many murders???
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Post by Lawane »

Hahah, I didn't think of that. If Bella ever decided to tell that to Edward just to annoy him.. xD
But I don't think it's very bad, because Edward is technically 106 (107 on friday!) years old, but the only thing that isn't ageing of him is his body. He is "over-age", his body just isn't ageing. I mean, he could forge that he's 18 or a few years older anytime.
But, let's say that everyone knew the existence of vampires and were aware of their "eternal youth". I don't that a) Edward's and Bella's relationship would be illegal because, come on, everyone would be too afraid to set themselves up against Edward. XD and b) looking at my point before, they could change the laws...or something.

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