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Post by moetastic »

edward could pass as a 20 year old tho so it doesnt matter
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Post by ashley_nicole00 »

17 is neutral. It wouldn't be illegal.
A seventeen year old can date someone who is older. It is only illegal from under 17, so no need to freak about Bella being illegal.
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Post by mlola619 »

Well since my father's a cop, my aunt's a lawyer, my godfather is a business lawyer for a huge company, and i have several other family members in that sort of field, they have all told me that it's only illegal for an 18 year old to date someone under 18 if the parents of the UNDERAGE person choose to file a report against the 18 year old. For example, if you start dating an 18 year old guy and your parents hate him, they could very well send in a police report to have him arrested, otherwise it's completely fine.

It's only illegal if the parents file a report to have the person arrested- otherwise there's nothing wrong with it at all

hope that answers everyone's questions :D
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Post by Liza Loo »

Well the Cullens sort of already live just about 100% illegally, so I doubt it'd matter much to Edward (other than him probably using that in his argument to not have sex with Bella, hah).
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Post by mariaferzillah »

Yeah, even if it is legally correct, they better change her soon. It kind of upsets me she is getting older and older. It just doesn't seem right.
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Post by ashley_nicole00 »

Im confused. Its not really illegal for them to date, just no sex. (awkward, but true...)

but Im confused about how noone picked up on the Cullens' lack of birthdays.

They have lived in the town for 2-3 years before Bella comes, plus for a year and a half (have of junior year + senior year) and none of them ever mentioned the birthdays. Wouldn't Angela or someone notice?
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Post by MoonStarWithWings »

No, because they keep to themselves. Do you know everyone in your school's birthday?
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Post by CamberXite »

^ Thats a good point. But everyone knows what grade they are in..
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Post by atrociousprincess »

ashley_nicole00 wrote:Im confused. Its not really illegal for them to date, just no sex. (awkward, but true...)
Good point, and it's actually not illegal, since the age of consent is 16 in the US (you watch enough Law & Order and you just know this stuff :wink: )
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