What are you hoping for in Midnight Sun?

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ashley_nicole00 wrote:Um, I couldn't agree more about wanting to hear more of Edward's side of the story, but I doubt it is going to come out a whole bunch more in Breaking Dawn. SM is planning on re-writing all the books from his POV so I think that is where we will get all our answers.

I'm just eager to hear what being a vampire is really about. How do they live, considering only about 7 hours of their sleepless days are taken by school. I am also waiting to see how Bella handles being a vampire (like how long will it take her to get back into her actual self without the 'newborn blood frenzy')
Where did she confirm on doing all the books from perspective? I thought I'd seen an interview or read something where she said she wouldn't do that. But like I've said before, I'd love to read his perspective in New Moon since he was away for so long. But not Eclipse, because it would be a retread.

Here's a question for everyone that I hope we will get the chance to answer: If SM had put out Midnight Sun first instead of Twilight...would we be as crazy for it? I'm thinking yes, based on that first chapter.
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shine_brighter wrote:Here's a question for everyone that I hope we will get the chance to answer: If SM had put out Midnight Sun first instead of Twilight...would we be as crazy for it? I'm thinking yes, based on that first chapter.
I would like it as much, but I'm not sure about others. It reads more like a science fiction novel then a romance, which might turn off a lot of people who enjoyed the romance/realistic fiction aspect of Twilight
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Personally, i'm looking forward to understanding Edward, being able to hear more of what makes him...tick. Like what he was thinking about when he tries reading Bella's mind, more when he went to Alaska, the Delani? Delaine?...clan, about his sibling's,...maybe even more of his past.Now THAT I would like to hear, edspecially when he "rejected" Carlisle's way for a bit :twisted: Yeah, that would be nice.
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I CAN'T wait for Breaking Dawn!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to go to their wedding shower *evil grin* I will find you, Cullen.
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shine_brighter wrote:
ashley_nicole00 wrote:Here's a question for everyone that I hope we will get the chance to answer: If SM had put out Midnight Sun first instead of Twilight...would we be as crazy for it?
For me I would have to say, no. At least not based on the first chapter.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the first chapter, but I feel like a big part of my love for Edward has come from getting to know him through Bella's eyes. And my appetite for seeing the story through Edward's eyes is made stronger by the fact that I've already become so attached to Bella's story.

And to the subject of which books to do from Edward's perspective I'm hoping for all of them. Even though there would be lots of overlap in events, I think the different perspective would still make for a very interesting story.
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hmm...that's actually a really good question....

Would i still be as interested in the series if Midnight Sun was put out first?

At first i thought about it and said "probably not", but now that i begin to think on it- i would be rather intrigued by his character- and judging by chapter one of Midnight sun i think i'd be really interested to see exactly what it was he was going to do about the whole situation. Then again, Edward does tend to overanalyze...ALOT. Even SM said it. She stated that she's not even halfway through and the books already toppling 300 pages; at first i might be really into the book, but after a while i'd be like "HOLY CRAP GET ON WITH IT!!" haha.

I don't know- Bella really seemed to capture my interest with her vivid explanations of each of the vampire charcters, as well as her description of Forks. I felt really relatable to her; feeling as if she's bored with the life around her and finding something every intriguing.

This is tough, i can't really decipher whether or not i would be AS INTERESTED in the series if it were not for Bella's point of view; many of the things she describes having felt i have felt myself thus i wanted to continue reading cause i felt really relatable to her.

Okay, i've decided; yes i would be as interested but i probably wouldn't be as interested in Edward or Jacob for that matter haha, the story line is still great; added with alot of suspense & adventure; so indeed i would still read the series very obsessively
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Post by Jusea »

Would I be interested if she had put out Midnight Sun first?

I don't know, I think it would be interesting to see things from Edward's perspective but had we been introduced to that first we would know a ton more early on that Bella finds out slowly, which is really good.

I think I would have still read it but I love how being in Bella's mind and seeing, and not seeing, how things are being done.
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I'm sure this has been mentioned already many times, but I'm really excited to see how it is for Edward and the rest of the Cullens to hunt, and what exactly Edward was thinking when Bella asked if she'd ever get to see him hunt.
I also want to know exactly how he felt when Laurent's coven interrupted the Cullen's ball game; Edward's reaction honestly made me fall even more in love with him. (:
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I am looking forward to a new perspective to all the events. It will be interesting to see the gap period that Edward and Bella have in New Moon. I really want to see the battle of blood lust over the battle of trying to keep the Cullen family name safe. I can't wait to see it from a vampire's perspective. I think it will be just as amazing as Bella's, if not better.
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