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truest_of_true_loves wrote:i just hope twilight doesn't follow romeo and juliet TOO much........
Oh, sad, that would SUCK. Ahhhhhhh!!!!! *rocks in corner* *slaps away bratty stepsister who is trying ot hug her* [<- sorry, my almost step is hug obsessed, and im not big on them, although, if edward hugged me. . . :lol: ]
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wow!-that such a cool connection (i love W.S.S!-i watched it yesterday!) *imagines the werewolves and the Cullens having a dance-off!*
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I noticed they had the same middle names as the west side story couple
its very cool
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I didn't know that!! That's so cute!!!!!
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I haven't watched West Side Story ever, I guess i have to rent it somewhere. *runs to the videorental store and starts obsessively searching for Twilight-similarities*
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Oh, I've seen West Side Story MANY times. I don't want a repeat of it...I mean, it's a great Romeo & Juliet type of scenery and plot, but just parading around and bursting into song every 5 seconds..I know its supposesed to be a musical but sheesh, Every other day, in the same class!?!?...I had a bad flash back...

Sorry I had to let it out... :oops:
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Re: SM - Bella and Edward's middle names

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alida wrote:Well, this is sort of strange, following Romeo and Juliet; but I was watching West Side story today (for those unfamiliar, the modern musical version of Shakespeare's play). But they're named Anthon *Tony for short* and Maria. Edward's middle name is Anthony, and Bella's is Marie. Maybe I'm being over speculative, but they didn't pop up until this book.
OK, completely moronic question: Where are Bella and Edward's middle names stated? Did Stephenie write that on her fansite, or is it actually in one of the books? If so, WHERE? I totally would have remembered if I had read that(you really don't want to know). Am I blind and/or completely clueless??
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I'll say the same thing that I said about the final Harry Potter book... if it ends up being sad, I'll hate her. Her being Stephenie in this case. I want my ending lol.
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Stephenie wrote:That's so cool that Bella's and Edward's middle names corresponde to West Side Story. I'm totally going to pretend that I did that on purpose!
lmao, that made my day.

Just say it was all subconcious ;)
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haha!! that's hillarious! what a weird coincidence! i love that movie!! :D
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