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I don't know if someone has asked this before, but I am re-reading New Moon and I was wondering about Jacob says something about him not being able to go against Sam orders, like when he goes to Bella's house to apologize about his behavior and he can't say anything. So when Bella finally figures out that he is a werewolf he says that when Sam says something the rest of the pack has to follow. So if Sam orders something the have to do it because it is something that they can't control or is more of a he is the boss and they have to do it.
I was wondering about that becuase what if in breaking dawn Sam asks Jacob to do something he doesn't want.
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i think Jacob always kind of knew Bella would choose Edward, but he had to fight anyway for the sake of needing to know, needing himself to know to not leave him wondering what could have happened, and needing Bella to know, not only that the other option is there but for her to realize she loves him. he knows he did everything he could, but now has to deal with the loss of the person he loves to his enemy.
i have no ideas as to what will happen to him in Breaking Dawn im waiting as anxiously as anyone.
in Twilight i liked Jacob but didnt really know him, i liked the way Bella viewed him and his personality. throughout New Moon i really liked Jacob and the way he was Bellas personal sun i loved him and the way he acted, i could go on for a while. and during Eclipse i still felt the same way about him. i understood his point of view alot of them time, and i respect him. though i didnt like some of the things he did, i understand at least some of the reasoning behind those things. he makes me laugh and is a very lovable person. my views on Jacob havent changed much throughout the series, but i have gotten to understand and respect him more.
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How does Jacob deal with the fact that Bella has now officially chosen Edward, even now that she knows that she loves Jacob too?
I think that Jacob loves Bella enough to let her go, and like he said he would find a way to stay friend with her, even if it had to be long distance or something.

Will Bella go after him if she finds out he ran away?
No, I think she will definately give him his space. He will return, for some reason or another, and she knows that.

How has your opinion of Jacob changed, from Twilight to New Moon, and from New Moon to Eclipse?

In Twilight I felt bad for him, in New Moon I grew to adore him for being so good to Bella during her rough spot. But when he first changed into a werewolf, I was really shocked at how his personality changed all of a sudden. It made me see him as fickle, really. Eclipse changed that, and I realised his devotion to Bella (you know he has to be in love with her, if hes willing to alliance with vampires for her and sleep in the same tent as Edward!). Ive grown just as attatched to Jacob as I have Edward, just in a different way - most of that is due to Eclipse.

However, now that he is giving himself up to his wolf side, I do believe that will have a big impact on his attitude in Breaking Dawn. Now that he knows Bella loves him (or at least, SHE knows she loves him) I think that his natural instinct to fight for her may cause a problem between him and Edwad. On top of that, if Bella is changed, his wolfen instinct to kill her (mixed with the anger towards Edward) may be intensified because he has spent so much time embracing his other side. Although I know he would never intentionally hurt her, think of how Sam hurt Emily.

I really hope that Jacob imprints on someone in Breaking Dawn. It would definately be a relief to Edward, and it would help Bella get over feeling guilty. I love his character too much to see him heartbroke and alone, and I know SM loves him too.

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