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Hola! I hope you all won't mind if I jump in with a few of my thoughts and theories:

There are so many great points to comment on, but I will first start with the initial question of the thread: Do you think [Stephenie's affection for Jacob] will affect the direction of Breaking Dawn?

Yes. I think the direction of Breaking Dawn was affected the moment the idea for New Moon was created and Jacob's character became more central to the immediate story. I think the original "skeletal" frame is still in tact (Edward and Bella's outcome), but I think Jake has opened up a whole new world for Stephenie, thus the intense "Jacob Love."

When Jacob was "reborn" as a central figure and weaved into the series, I think he sparked a new kind of love for Stephenie (and maybe she was the one caught in the love triangle). Edward and Bella were already central characters in the story. They needed character development, but their roles were already somewhat defined. She knew Edward was a vampire and Bella was a human. They were easy to love. But then there's Jacob, this new, unexplored character, who has so many possibilities, and all the while, he's evolving into this story that already has an ending. How can you not love what you've cultivated? I can understand why Stephanie would love Jacob so much after all they've been through together.

LisaCullenAZ made an excellent point though: why not wait until Bella and Edward's story is complete? Good question. There is so much emphasis placed on what Bella learned from Jacob's presence (i.e., humanity, more than one love, friendship, etc.). She could have easily learned that a different way. Jacob has evolved into much more than a device for Bella's realizations. And because we know how much Stephenie loves Jacob, I wonder if NM and EC have laid the foundation for Jacob's growth, as well (and BD will only further the story—whatever that may be). Jacob will take with him love lessons that he would have never understood before Bella. Why give us a taste of Jacob's voice in the epilogue if she wasn't planning on taking it in another direction? She speaks for Jacob just as masterfully as she speaks for Bella, and for me, this is what ultimately made me want a happy ending for Jacob. I felt his pain. I think if there was ever an agenda with Jacob, it was never to ultimately come between Edward and Bella, but to lay the groundwork for future spin-offs. There is a whole werewolf universe just waiting to be explored. Could it be that some of the other stories that need to be told are from the enemies of the vampires?

On a side note, and this is purely my opinion: I feel bad for Jacob. He was up against Edward. Maybe another reason for the strong Jacob love stems from Stephenie wanting to throw a bone to the "underdog."

Just some of my opinions.
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Re: SM/DND The Jacob Effect

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Cocoa wrote:How do you feel Stephenie's affection for Jacob effected Previous books?

Do you think it will affect the direction of Breaking Dawn?
I personally dont think its really effected the previous books, because she writes mainly for the characters & Jacob's had it rough.

I think it will affect the direction of Breaking Dawn because Jacob will get his happy ending. So part of Breaking Dawn has to achieve that.

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I don't think it has or will affect the books.
She didn't want Edward to leave in NM, but he did - because he's Edward.
So Jacob will do what he does because he's Jacob.
Simple. Stephenie Meyer has nothing she can do - the characters write the story for her.

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