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Post by lani »

ohh yes! i was so shaking when i kept turning the pages with the months of them! i felt SICK that there were so many. think i had to go do something else for a minute before i could keep reading!!!

i no everyone (almost...kind of) said Jane freaked me out, but id been sharing a room with my sis for a week and all i could think was "uhg! she such a brat!!!"
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Post by la tua cantante »

he whole book was scary for the point that Edward didn t appear even when you passed and passed and passed pages and pages and pages and pages AND HE STILL WOULDN T APPEAR!!!

but really really really sacry for me was when she was with jacob in the car and he smeled Alice and turned back but she got down the car when she saw carlisle s car

the instantes before she saw Alice kept me in total agony and anguish!! because i really thought she was going to find Victoria waiting for her in the hose I remember the time when i read that part...I stoped breathing and when I turned the page and realize it was Alice I broke breathing very hard with kind of something stuck in the middle of my throat

it was pretty vscary too when she was dreaming and heard noises oput of the window thinking it aws victoria too my whole body was in tension.... that can t be good for ones heart!!1!!

yes the whole book is so much darker and the story will darken even more i think glups.....
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Post by MidnightxSun »

Like a lot of people said--the woman with the rosary, when all of the people were filling into the room and the screaming began, it was absolutely horrible. The image like, haunted me. o.o But still, even though New Moon is definitely darker than Twilight, I loved the pure intensity of it--from the breakup to their reunion, especially. Oh, and Jane is really creepy, like Pel said. i wouldn't want her looking at me for sure. And I don't find Aro remotely scary--although I think he can be if he wanted to, that's why he appears to be the head of the Volturi in my opinion--in fact, I took a strange liking to him.
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Post by LakeGirl »

I think there are different kinds of "scary-ness" in New Moon. There are the send-shivers-up-your-spine, spooky moments, such as the Volturi feeding frenzy, when you realize Laurent wants to kill Bella, and when we see Victoria's red hair like a flame out on the water. Then there are the moments of suspense, where you're holding your breath, wondering what's going to happen next, like when Bella jumped off the cliff or when she returns home and sees Carlisle's car--is it a trick??.

The breakup had every muscle in my body tense up, and the months that followed just made my heart stop. These scenes didn't scare me, necessarily, but they were certainly as horrible (probably moreso, because they were the most real) as any scary, physical danger.

But the scene that DID scare me the most was Bella's race through the plaza to save Edward. I knew she would get there in time, and yet, Stephenie was able to set the tension so high, I found myself thinking, "Pleasedon'ttrip, pleasedon't trip!!" over and over again as Bella ran. This is definitely where my heart raced faster than anywhere else in the book. It's the only place where I felt truly scared for the characters, probably because they were so close to being reunited after all that time, and yet there was still a very good chance that something could go wrong. Once they found each other, I relaxed. Because even though they still had to face Aro and Caius and co., I just felt like they could survive anything because they're together again.
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Post by BubblgumBekah »

The scraiest part for me was thinking Edward might not come back. In the back of my mind, I knew he would, but at the same time, I thought he minght not, and I was so scared that I flipped through the back just looking for his name, and as soon as I saw it, I was okay to read it.

After that, comes the part in the meadow with Laurent. I was truly frightened by that. The cliff part scared me a bit too. The beginning where Jasper attacked Bella was pretty nerve-wracking as well.

The true, second scariest part was when Bella was searching for Edwad in Volterra and I was just thinking, "Please stop the clock, please stop time or something, she might not make it." And the way Stepheine wrote that was just crazy and making me turn the pages like a maniac.
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Post by Faelynn »

The scenes (Yes, there's more than one) that sent shivers up my spine were

1) When Jane actually seemed like she was enjoying causing Edward pain. I can just see her twisted little smile. And then she wasn't happy when Bella couldn't feel anything

2) When Bella realized that it wasn't fire that she saw on the water, but Victoria's hair. Just the thought that Voctoria was that close to getting her.....*Shudders*

and finally...

3) The part where Bella is talking about how she got her radio out of her truck (Right after Edward leaves), and then says something about how bloody her fingernails were. I can just see the misery on her face and the urgency to remove all traces of his memory from her life.

Even though they chilled my spine, I loved every minute of it!
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Post by surfergirl »

MidnightxSun wrote:Like a lot of people said--the woman with the rosary, when all of the people were filling into the room and the screaming began, it was absolutely horrible. The image like, haunted me. o.o

same here. i had nightmares. literally. why is it the one point in the book i can see most clearly in my mind is the one i would love to get out of my mind?? i seriously shivered when i read that part.
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Post by twilightdreams »

I dont know if anyone has said this yet, but the scariest part of me when was Edward was going to give himself to the voluturri, i cried there and screamed at bella to get there faster.

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Post by Litera »

Why do so many people find the part where the Volturi ate scary? That's just what normal vampires do all the time, and what both Edward and Jasper did for a time.
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Post by a_kiss_that_cant_renew »

scariest part was when alice said edward went to italy....

i screamed and burst into tears
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