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LikeASunburn wrote:.......when I saw that there was only a couple more pages left. :shock:
ha ha so true.
I think the scariest scene was when Edward left and Bella was alone in the forest. I thought she has literally lost her mind.
The whole mess with the Volturi was pretty intense too. I hated when dinner arrived... I knew everything would work out, but it was over for those people. so sad. even if they are fictional.
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I was scared when Aro and Jane tested their "talents" on Bella. lol
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Easily the part when Bella jumps off the cliff, or when Bella is in Italy trying to stop Edward from "Commiting Suicide"
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For me I think the "scariest" part was when the people were being herded into the room with the waiting vampires and Bella noticed the little old lady with the rosary around her neck. I could picture that easily and thought it would fit perfectly in a horror about vampires...
I was never really "scared" for Bella and Edward, because as much as I was on the edge of my seat the whole time Edward was gone, I knew deep down that it would all work out. Plus I thought the voice really was Edward watching over her and protecting her from any real danger and proving that he really did love her and that they would eventually end up back together. (Obviously, I know now that it was just her subconscious, but it helped when reading it for the first time to think it was Edward)
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For me, the scariest part was Bella's zombie period, and the slow, painful way she came out of it until she met up with Jacob. Then there was the meadow scene with Laurent. That still gives me shivers.
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The scariest part for me was when Bella saw Laurent in the meadow. I was like crap! Run Bella run!
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