Mike to be a Vampire...or something else?

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Post by Linnylou »

I agree I don't think Mike will be anything else but human
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Post by futuremrscullen »

He is very average. I think "typical American guy" when I read about him. However... I don't like the "typical" guy. They're bother me lol.
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Post by FireAndIce<3 »

I think he's just a human guy there to annoy everyone :D
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Post by lalaith913 »

LisaCullenAZ wrote:Mike is really just the ultimate human.
I think so too. I really don't think he's capable of being anything else. He's too... typical, I guess. I really don't know how to word other than you can find one of him everywhere you go.

I could be wrong, but in actuality, I don't think any of the Bella's human friends could be anything more. While the idea of Angela being a witch is fun, I don't see it.

I guess the only person I could really see being something else is Lauren as a succubus. Luring men and destroying lives. I think it would suit her.
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Mike Newton to become a vampire???

Post by Edward_and_Bella_forever »

Thats funny, and interesting.. why would he become a vampire? Thats weird to me! Lol he's just one of the characters who I really dont care for, why would he become a vampire? I'm wondering... he's not THAT special! Lol. Jessica would be cool as a vampire, I guess, or a werewolf, wait, their isnt girl werewolves are there? Because I dont remember any, its only Sam, and Jakes, werewolves... I'm lost! lol Random...*walks off and goes to another post....*
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Post by emilyfan13 »

eyelinerislife wrote:Hmm, maybe he'll turn into a WolfVamp. He'll smell repulsive to himself 24/7, just like everyone else feels about him. :D

I love that.

I think Newton is, unfortunately, doomed to being a human. Oh, well. At least he'll finally be out of Bella's hair.
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Post by futuremrscullen »

He just kind of reminds me of the "obsessed best friend" in "Not Another Teen Movie", if any of you have seen that.
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Post by HaleyElizabeth »

Mike is a magical unicorn.
just kidding I really think Mike will just be a human, but I'm starting to wonder if maybe there are some other kinds of mythical(spelling?) creatures besides vampires and wereloves.
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Post by Hazel Wish »

Centaur, anyone? :D

Or maybe the next Firestarter. :o
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Post by mlola619 »

^^ XD centaur- haha i have to admit that definately made me crack up!
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