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Post by Minireb123 »

cynb wrote:
Minireb123 wrote: Wow that's a great one! I think it's a little sad to be Bella's lullaby but still it's a good song =]
I think that part of the sadness is really a little bit of melancholy, which I think is perfect because Edward loves her but doesn't think it is right. He is torn, (i.e. New Moon anyone?) and that would definately come out in music.

I also don't think of Edward as a really cheerful person, so a bouncy lullaby wouldn't fit something he would create.
Yea I know you're right about how a bouncy melody wouldn't work but the song seems almost a little creepy and ominous in a beethoven kind of way. lol sorry for my strange comparisons but that's the only way I can describe it. It's not creepy like scary but more ominous. I still like the song though =]
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Post by cynb »

I think it is probably in a minor key, but that is what appeals to me. I usually feel like major keys are all too cheerful, and don't...well I don't know, I don't like major keys, I like adds something major keys don't have...but then again, I like Beethoven too.
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Post by MrsCarlisleCullen »

Haha, I only listened to piano music during my first read-through of the series. I would listen for what I thought could possibly be Bella's lullaby and I found a few songs that I can imagine.

This one isn't widely known by anyone outside of video-gamers, but it is appropriate and one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

^ That and Yiruma's 'River Flows In You', of course, are the only ones I like imagining for the lullaby.
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Post by Bella~Marie »

I think River Flows in You is perfect! I wonder if Yiruma ever heard of the books.... I saw that some people were making up lyrics for it so I did too. haha I'm pathetic...
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Post by coldandsparkly »

Jessa Marko: I completely agree that Rob should be humming the lullaby in the movie. That's a huge part.


River Flows in You--still my favorite :D
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Post by shawniegore »

To me, this is Bella's Lulliby. It is absolutely beautiful!! It was written by a friend of mine for his sister.

Go here: ... d=65025794

then scroll to THE PRECIOUS MOMENT (at the bottom of the playlist) and listen

It is an unreleased song, so there is no other link.

Jessa Marko wrote:I'm not sure if anyone else, or who else I should say, found out that ROBERT PATTINSON IS WRITING BELLA'S LULLABY HIMSELF!!! This is not a joke, it's been mentioned by the cast several times on mtv. Rob plays piano, so he is writing the lullaby...neat cause it will be original!!!!! :wink:
WHAT?! :shock: That SERISOULY is the sweetest thing!
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Post by L.Smart094 »

i know edward doesnt sing, but the song lullaby, goodnight my angel reminds me of it.

funniest video ever

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My Playlist: Twilight-Bella's Lullaby
1)Moonlight Sonata- Beethoven
2)Clair de Lune- Debussy
3)Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)- Billy Joel
4)River Flows In You- Yiruma
5)Kiss The Rain- Yiruma
6)Long, Long Time Ago- From Pan's Labyrinth
7)Hallelujah- Rufus Wainwright

Gosh. Now to explain and choose.
I think of the lullaby as almost the theme that would play throughout the book, so would be haunting and dark in its romantic melody.

If you're going to read any part of this, this is the part to read and consider. Because Edward composed it, you have to look at it from his POV; what was he feeling at the time he sat down and made a lullaby for this complexing human girl? He feels bad for coveting her, when he has no right to, and very confused that his affections lie with a human, and not a vampire, like Tanya, for instance. He knows that this can't end well, and is scared for Bella. He's also probably a little bit frightened and caught unawares because he's in love for the first time, an emotion even Edward must feel the effects of. He feels bad for his family's reactions- they feel betrayed and hurt that he would risk their collective secret for a human that he will most likely accidently kill. He has always felt himself a monster, and this out of control thirst for Bella, his singer, will just add to that dark feeling of being trapped in a nightmare. And, I have the feeling that by nature, Edward was always a dark person, but still a good person. So there would be hope in the darkness; stars in the endless night.

1) This has always been my favorite classical piece. So darkly beautiful, but sadly not romantic. It has really low notes for a heavier feels, and the melody is not incredibly high and trilling, which would seem out of place. It has the part about a minute in where it has two reletively high notes are played, then the lowest. A more panicked feels at a minute 38 seconds, where the melody gets faster and higher, then sort of scales up and up and up, then always down again, like the Bellward relationship. The song repeats the parts a few times, much like the endless cycle of danger that threatens their happiness. It fades off in the end, getting softer and lower in a way that reminds me of falling into dark unconsiousness, then treble and base notes are played twice all at once, which makes me think it's almost saying, 'there, it's over. Finished. Gone.' much in a way Bella would feel about her humanity if she were changed.

2) Well, it had to be one here, I mean, Edward likes it. He listens to it when he's upset, skipping school in his car. But as a lullaby, it lacks the darkness, though it is almost unbearably sweet.

3) Stephenie said something to the effect of this being the luulaby she heard, because she is not a composer, she is a writer. The lyrics fit, but it is not strictly a piano piece, so it's out. It is so beautiful and sad, though.

4) This one is one of the populars on the message boards, let me tell you! For me, as said above, it isn't sad enough. Very beautiful, no doubt, but once again, lacking the dark, helpless romance. It's tender, which is important, but it's more sad than anything. Sort of tinged with hope, but not something Edward would write.

5) My favorite Yiruma (okay, I only know the two, but I'm trying to listen to more). Very sweet, light and romantic, and calming. around 1:15, it has a *dark* part, but not very dark at all really, because Yiruma apparently doesn't like darkness. I don't blame him, but remember- without the dark, we'd never see the stars.

6) I actually got this off the message boards- along with Yiruma as a composer. Incredibly haunting, and it has an eerie beauty. Other than its virtual lack of romance, it would be perfect. The melody is a breathy hum, not very high, but childlike in pitch. A chorus coms in, very high, with very low basses, near the end, and the humming stops. The violins and cellos do their thing, and it ends with a shimmering chime and a pluck on the violin. Creepy and wonderful.

7) Ummmm... doesn't fit at all, with the lyrics and such, but the hopeless feeling you get when it gets to the part when he says 'it goes like this, the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall, the major lift' is just perfect. Other than that, it really doesn't fit at all.

Wow... so if we could find a song dark like the Moonlight Sonata, sweet like Clair de Lune, sad like Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel), tender like River Flows In You, beautiful like Kiss The Rain, creepy like Long, Long Time Ago, and hopeless like Hallelujah, we'd be in business![/size]
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I think the lullaby will be something soft and pretty. One that lulls you to sleep.
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Post by spiker21 »

well i have two

- river flows in you by yiruma

- comp de... by yann tiersen and amelie

those are my absolute favorite!!!
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