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Post by ouisa »

Ouisa doesn't understand the question cullen girl asked I picked Jane because first of all if Alec was going to pick someone to erase out of kindness instead of attack it would have to be a Volturi. Alec was burned with Jane, but Jane turned that pain into a weapon which part of me thinks it still haunts her. Alec had to watch her suffer, watch her keep suffering.

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Post by sistergrimm »

Hey, sistergrimm reporting over from the VMT.
Okay, I love the deeper meaning of that question. If I had the power to erase bad memories, and Bella wanted her memories of New Moon erased- not the events, the memories- I don't think I'd do it. I hated seeing her go through that much pain. In no way do I think it was good for her, and there were times I wanted to smack Edward a good one (despite the fact that I love him). But in the end, she came out different- a different Bella. And I wouldn't want to change that. And she might waver from her choice if she didn't know what it was to lose Edward- it's been said, right as she was telling Jacob good-bye. So I think, in the end, that incredibly painful experience didn't help her, but it did change her. So she should stay the person she is... because trying to change people is wrong.
Sorry, did I make any sense? Did I answer the question? Does everyone hate me for saying that New Moon should stay in Bella's memory, as horrific and painful as it was? Do they...?
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Post by Alcyone »

The reason Alcyone hasn't responded is that she had stopped getting responses from this thread and it was only now when she was looking up threads Tennyo posts in to randomly screech Happy Birthday (by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!) that she found this thread.

I swear the Volturi follow me around. What are the chances that when I find this thread it's about them?

, the power ain't nasty. :wink:

But I digress.

In the hypothetical sense, no. It was awful but that granted her the ability to become a vampire (albeit at the cost of the entire village but I digress yet again). Her entire past was haunting; the village she lived in actually tried to kill her and her brother. I doubt she had a happy childhood. But that unhappy childhood would have been partly the cause for the shape of her powers. She was uncomfortable to be around while angry--truly angry not I-want-a-pony-or-I'll-scream angry; a happy child would have little reason to be that way. So there would have been fewer chances to put her power on display, alienate the villagers and attract Aro's attention (who, FYI, is not her mate. ouisa, don't or I'll start up with Jacob imprinting). So they were horrifying, yes, but there was a very large silver lining to them all. Child's amazingly loyal; that's not the type of loyalty you buy.

As for me, no, I don't want them gone. The embarrassing ones I can do without, though. :wink:
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Post by silverhearts8594 »

Say Alec could erase (bad) memories, should he erase Jane's? Would you want your bad memories erased?

I know that if it was me, I wouldn't want those memories erased. No matter how bad those memories are, they are still a part of her. Since Alec suffered through the same thing as Jane, then maybe he could help her try and reconcile with what happened to them so long ago. But thats it. Jane's talent is so powerful because of what happened to her, atleast from as far as I can tell. If Alec erased those memories, what repercussions would they be faced with? Would Jane's power be lessened? If so, then the Volturi might not see a need for Jane anymore.

Also, I know that I would never want my memories erased, no matter how bad they might be. I might not like thinking about what had happened to me, but those memories would still form part of me. They would reflect in my decisions, and who I would be as a person. Erasing those memories would be effectively deleting a part of me. And I wouldn't like that at all.

Finally, though, I believe it would be Jane's choice. There is absolutely no way that Alec should go behind her back and do that to her. In the end, it comes down to how much Jane values those memories.

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Post by cullengirl »

ouisa wrote:Ouisa doesn't understand the question cullen girl asked I picked Jane because first of all if Alec was going to pick someone to erase out of kindness instead of attack it would have to be a Volturi. Alec was burned with Jane, but Jane turned that pain into a weapon which part of me thinks it still haunts her. Alec had to watch her suffer, watch her keep suffering.
Ah, I gotcha now. See, I wasn't thinking Alec doing it out of kindness. It's very hard for me to see the gray areas of the Volutri, especially Alec. I still feel like I don't know them well and shudders to think of what's happening in Volterra.

I also forgot for a second that both of them were burned. So, wouldn't he first want to erase his own memory and then Jane's? It's interesting that you think that Jane's bad memories is the source of her power. I never thought of that!
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Post by Tennyo »

Heh-off topic but what the heck-THANK YOU FOR THE BIRTHDAY GREETINGS! They really mean a lot.

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Post by kdenae »

Tennyo wrote:Heh-off topic but what the heck-THANK YOU FOR THE BIRTHDAY GREETINGS! They really mean a lot.
That's what I just came on here to do! All the banners made me hunt you down to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TENNYO! I haven't seen you since the ye ole Ed-Con days. (feels like a lot longer ago than it was). Anyway, I hope your day is fantastic.

Umm, so on topic I just have to concur with everyone that I wouldn't want my memories, even the horrific ones, to be erased. I could see how someone less analytical could want for such a thing, but I can disect them enough to know where I can derive strength and substance. I believe something good can come out of any experience, no matter how devestating. It's all about perspective.
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Post by December »

You know, it is so not like me to want to disagree with so many people here....

But I still just want to look everyone here in the eye (hard to do on the Boards, but still) and say: "Really? Even being burnt at the stake?" And let's not even begin to think about the really horrific things that could happen to you -- like being forced to watch someone you love being burnt at the stake....

I agree that the idea of someone else making an executive decision to erase your memories without your consent is really scary. (Though it is the eventual fate of a sizable part of the human race, you know....). But there are definitely experiences I cannot see wanting to hang onto the memory of. History is one long litany of atrocities I would personally want to spare the victims the trauma of remembering. (This is setting aside the moral and political importance of collective memory: I'm thinking only of the effect their recollections have on their own pysches).

But I guess this is partly a matter of personal courage. And those of you whose sense of self is strong enough that you'd rather remember everything that happened to you, however horrific, rather than lose part of yourself -- well, I take off my hat to you.
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Post by Cocoa »

There are things in this world so vile that the human brain will repress the memory. Its a saftey feature as it were. And I would have to agree...being burned at the stake and then changed, poor Jane dear was never given the opportunity to have that gift of repression.

Bring on the memory erasing. And this line of questioning feels oddly familiar...Heroes anyone?

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Post by LisaCullenAZ »

I am feeling wildly out of the loop. Where are we getting all this info about Jane and Alec? Burning at the stake? Memory erasing? Is this speculation? Or am I just missing something big and obvious? :? Sorry for being dense.
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