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Post by puprlepenguin »

Would vampires want to sleep or cry if they were given the opportunity.
I would say sleep. Dreaming is fun and on top of that it passes time. Crying can't really be on demand all the time and well it's just crying. As someone mentioned earlier they already do that but without liquid. I liked everyones ideas on how they would deal with sleep though. Alice definitely would be too active to sleep and Edward way too guarded though.

Is Bella too forgiving?
Sometimes I wonder that too. However I don't really think so. I can't imagine Bella not being forgiving. Sure she might give into it rather fast sometimes but it would happen eventually. The only thing wrong with being too forgiving is if she forgave someone for taking Edward from her in a month, I would think that it would take longer to forgive something like that. But overall there is nothing wrong with being forgiving if it's something a person chose to do and was ready to forgive.
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Post by Tennyo »

Variety wrote:
Is Bella too forgiving? Is there anything wrong with being too forgiving?
I want to stay out of this just to make this known: the question is absolutely fine (I think it's quite good, actually!), but this is quite capable of opening a certain door to Bella-bashing and if it does turn the thread into a Bella-bashing war, I'm changing the subject. The girl's already under a lot of fire lately offensively and defensively, and this is not the place. Please keep an eye on your posts with that in mind.

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Post by Heart Song »

Is Bella too forgiving?

When it comes to forgiving, I'm like Bella in many ways. If the offending party shows the least remorse I'm all for forgiving and moving on. It is too painful to hold onto the grudge and it is potentially damaging to the relationship. It hurts more not to forgive. The hurt just festers and slows down the opportunity for reconciliation.

The only time Bella's quick forgiveness really bothered me was after Edward disabled her truck. (Did anyone ever find out what the part was?) Edward never apologized for that one, he just acted guilty. She should have at least waited until morning.

In every other case that comes to mind (at the moment) be it Edward or Jacob, her forgiveness was precluded by an apology.
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Post by Aviendha »

Variety wrote:If no one else has more comments, I have another topic -

Another discussion had me thinking about the reality that the Cullen's are vampires. Edward thinks of himself as a monster. Bella doesn't believe him, or doesn't care. My train of thought was too long to follow, but I came up with the question:

Is Bella too forgiving? Is there anything wrong with being too forgiving?

Another example is that when she realizes that Jacob is a werewolf, the only thing she is upset about is that (she thinks) he and his pack are killers.
I, for one, do not see the Cullens as monsters. I just can't accept that, but I can see where Edward is coming from.

I don't think Bella is too forgiving, but, there is something wrong with being too forgiving. The wrong people can use that characteristic against them, and they end up becoming a bit of a pushover.

I actually think Bella can be quite stubborn. She may eventually forgive someone, but only after reasonable thought and time.

I think the only case she was a little soft was with Jake... but, she does love him in a way, so I can excuse that.

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Post by LisaCullenAZ »

I am also like Bella with the forgiveness thing. I actually think (and I know I would be wrong) I would have forgiven Jacob a lot quicker than she did after that first forced kiss. Not because of anything other than the fact that I can't stay mad very easily. I was surprised (and a bit proud of her) that she called Edward right there in front of Jacob and allowed there to be a confrontation between the two boys. I would have avoided that at all costs had I been in her shoes.

So I think this is why I have a hard time being bothered (for long, anyway) by anything Edward does. If you compare Edward's offenses to the invasion of personal space by Jacob they seem minimal - at least to my perspective - and yet I forgive Jacob. So it's obvious that if I would have forgiven Jacob, I can totally forgive Edward without much effort.

The way I see it, whenever Edward and Bella have a disagreement the context is usually a light, carefree banter between them. She's almost never uncomfortable. And when she is, that's when they talk it out (i.e. the motorcycle scene.) She gets over it fast, I get over it fast. She feels angered by Jacob, I can be mad, too. I know others have said this same thing, and helped to me to understand it. It's very refreshing for me.

EDIT: I just realized that I said that all wrong... and it came across as opposite of what I wanted to say. Should be clearer now. I hope ;)
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Post by jenni_elyse »

Is Bella too forgiving? Is there anything wrong with being too forgiving?

I don't think there's anything wrong with being too forgiving. I think it varies from person to person and from offense to offense.

I'm usually very forgiving, but there's one offense that happened to me as a teenager that I'm struggling with. I think I struggle with it for two reasons. First, it was such a large offense and second, the offending person is not very remorseful about what he did. Someday, I'd like to forgive him, but that doesn't mean I'll trust him or want to hang around with him. I think too often people confuse forgiveness with trust. They're two separate things and shouldn't be confused.

As far as Bella, being too forgiving, she hasn't had any large offenses happen to her yet. So, I guess I don't think she is too forgiving. I think she realizes that the little offenses done to her aren't worth it to lose a loved one over. I hope I made sense.
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Post by greenmom77 »

Is Bella too forgiving?

I'd like to agree with everyone else and say that I don't think Bella is too forgiving for all the reasons already discussed.

I also would like to add that she seems to be behaving in typical human fashion: when we are in love with someone, we tend to over-emphasize all their good qualities and de-emphasize their bad qualities. If we didn't, I think the marriage rate would really decline. This makes marriage harder, because at some point you have to face the reality that even the best person has a few weaknesses. Maybe someday that will happen with Bedward, but it's not a very romantic topic and so I don't think SM will write about it.

Is there anything wrong with being too forgiving?

No. At least I don't think so. This is a hard topic for me come to a decision on. I believe I should forgive everyone. This stems from my religious beliefs and a psychological-health standpoint. Forgiving to me does NOT mean allowing someone to continue abuse, or anything of that nature. It means letting go of wishing the past was different. You can be forgiving and assertive at the same time. You can be forgiving and not trusting at the same time.
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Post by December »

Greenmom77 wrote:It [forgiving] means letting go of wishing the past was different.
Wow. What a wonderful way of thinking about forgiveness. Thank you...
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Post by summerforest123 »

In my opinion, Bella should have been a bit madder at Edward for leaving, but then agan it really broke her heart when he left, and i've never loved anybody like that. As you can see i'm full of indecision on this point, but in context with Bella's life I don't think she is too forgiving.

I think the only problem with being too forgiving is that it becomes easier for someone to walk all over you if they want to. I know Edward is no way mean enough to do that to Bella, but I'm talking in general here.

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Post by Hazel »

Is Bella too forgiving?

Personally, I say yes, she is. I don't think she's really thinking about what the people did, just who they are. Is anyone following me? I mean, she was too quick to forgive Edward for leaving just because he's Edward. I mean, if the love of my life left me, I'd be way beyond PO'd.

And then with the whole Jacob thing "I'd rather you be dead" thing...that was way smaller then edward leaving, and she didn't forgive him until a while after, I many days was it until bella forgave him? I forgot.
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