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I didn't have any missing pages, though the few usual typos. *sigh* I wish I could help Stephenie edit...

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annoying typos

Post by Triad »

Fortunately my book was intact, and surprisingly it had very few typos. I caught a bunch in TW and NM, but there weren't so many this time. It just bugs me when I come across them because I focus on the typo and how I feel totally betrayed by the author and editors not picking them out and how could they be so unprofessional and now I can't even focus on the story...(j/k)

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My first copy had two chapters missing. Lots of pages! I was so annoyed. My second copy looks okay so far...just the usual typos here and there. *sigh*
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^Wow, entire chapters? I've only noticed the usual typos in mine.
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Post by Dalia »

I would have been so mad if I had chapters missing! Mine had just a few typos like everybody I guess. I didn't notice them at first, I was way too much overwhelmed by the story to notice, but when I've re-read some passages, here they were! They're inevitable, aren't they?

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mine didn't have missing pages lucky i would have died if they did. But now readign Eclipse for the 2nd time i've found some typos and then a few spots where they left out a word but other wise its not that bad.
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my book didn't have any pages or chapters missing, i only saw some grammar errors and what not. nothing out of the ordinary.
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Curious... I have a misprint copy of eclipse (its missing pages!) and people keep telling me to hold on to it cause it could be worth something but i just have to ask Why? Why is a copy thats missing pages worth something?

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mine had typos, but there were no missing pages. i never really noticed them until i had to put the book done and then try to figure out where i had left off.
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joe_kelly3 wrote:Curious... I have a misprint copy of eclipse (its missing pages!) and people keep telling me to hold on to it cause it could be worth something but i just have to ask Why? Why is a copy thats missing pages worth something?
I have no idea.. it's unique i guess? haha
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