Eclipse Misprints

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Eclipse Misprints

Post by Seraphyn »

So it has come to my attention that some copies of Eclipse had some pretty serious misprints.

How many of you were affected by this?
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Post by torii_s »

thats the first i've heard about it.

what kind of misprints?? i wish mine had one, cause it's going to be WORTH something one day.

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Post by mspolarbearr »

My book was missing from page 56 to 89.
So I was reading about how Bella wanted to visit Esme, and then saw Edward write about being lucky survivors.
Boy, was I confused haha. And it was a midnight copy, so I had to get a friend to call me and give me a summary so that I could continue the book.
It was returned this morning, and I got another copy.
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Post by Cullen.Hale.Love »

Yea...mine has crazy typos

I didnt notice missing pages, but I'm going to go look

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Post by jadoretoi »

I don't think mine did, everything made sense. I'll go back and check. That really sucks for everyone that did! :[
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Post by twilightlover »

Mine had quite a few typos, but wasn't missing any pages or anything, it wasn't anything too unmanageable.

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Post by BwayBaby91 »

Oh, I feel so lucky. I didn't have any misprints.

mspolarbearr : That's my worst nightmare. I was in the middle of reading it and I was thinking "What If I was missing pages? What would I Do?"

Lucky you got ahold of a new copy.

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Post by SaiyenGirl »

Mine has a lot of typos, probably more than I found since a friend of mine caught some that I missed.

I wasn't missing PAGES though. 0_0
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Post by xXemergencyXx »

Ooohhh...I didnt hear about that. Those poor poor people with missing pages.
I didn't notice any typos in my copy but then again I'm not exactly the best speller in the world anyways so I dont think I would notice them :P
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Post by Renee »

I didn't notice missing pages, but mine had a few odd gramatical errors.

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