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Post by RebeccaM »

I cryed for Jacob at the end. I thought there was somthing wrong with me becasue i hate jake! I thought it was sad that he would rather be a wolf than a human. I also hope he gets a girl friend so he does keep think about bella...or there will be a lot more odd dream... :shock:

i also cryed well not really but i thought i was going to when bella kissed jacob i thought that was the dummest thing she could have done!
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Post by AliceandJasper4ever »

I cried when Bella kissed Jacob. I started yelling, "Don't do it idiot!" :cry:
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FearofFalling wrote:
That is EXACTLY how I felt. Throughout the whole book, I felt for Edward and Edward only. Sure, Bella had it tough having to pick between the two. But I mean, come on! The choice was a no brainer! Jacob was a manipulative, egocentric, moronic, butthead. He pushed, and he pushed way too hard. Edward may have pushed in the beginning, but in all honesty I felt a thrill when I read the chapters about his overprotectiveness. It gave me a happy. We got a glimpse of the Edward we all fell in love with in Twilight. And my god! It was good to have him back.

Hands down, Edward is the better man in this book, or in any peice of fiction for that matter. Everything he did was for Bella and no one else. I can only imagine how painful Jacob's thoughts were for him. The entire tent scene made me both sad and angry.
YES. Me too. I agree with everything you said. And you described Jacob so well :wink:

I was so happy for Edward when he put the ring on Bella, but I never cried. I don't cry while reading books or watching movies T_T
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Post by actressxtoxbe »

I cried when Jaacob kissed Bella, and she realized she liked it and him. And when Edward said he understood. Ver, very, painful for me to read.
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Not as much

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I cried a tiny bit while reading eclipse in comparison for how much I cried in NM. (Granted I just had baby#3 about 7 weeks ago and I'm sort of going through the hormonal changes/baby blues thing.) In NM I don't think I stopped crying! I wanted so badly for Bella to stop hurting and for Edward to come back and make everything alright. My eyes were burning and red when I was finished and I think I went through an entire gigantic box of tissues.
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Post by xxElekaNamenxx »

psh i really tried to. but i dont cry. ever. except at funerals. but thats it
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Post by brooke4ever »

I cried through th book :!: :!: :!: :!: :D
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Post by brooke4ever »

When Bella kissed Jacob I didn't cry I was MAD. I didn't even want to finish the book. I wanted Jacob to die I seriously thought I would burn the book. Although I am in love with the series to do that

Post by cami1219 »

Eleniel wrote:I cried when Bella kissed Jacob and she realized that she loves Jacob too. I didn't cry because it hurts to love two people or I pitied Bella. I cried because I felt betrayed.. I firmly believed in love between Edward and Bella so much.. though Bella chose Edward in the end, I won't be able to trust Bella. And Edward forgiving Bella so easily.. I cried at that part, too :cry:
Yes, I cried for the EXACT same reason in this part!
I felt truly horrible for Edward! I even hated Jacob for a little while(And Jacob is one of my favorite characters(after Edward.)) but I forgave him because I realized...it's not Jake's fault! Jacob has the right to love....he has no one but Bella and he has every right to fight for her. It was Bella who I should be mad at!

To me it felt like bella was making the love between her and Edward seem less important. And it hurt even more when Edward found out and he was SOOO INCREDIBLY SWEET! I hated that!!! :evil:
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Post by Mexigirl »

:cry: -i bawled when bella told jacob " until my heart stops beating" end of Ch.26,27 & epilouge.
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